Cafe Basque

review forthcoming?

His new menu will rely on live-fire cooking and rustic technique, envisioning a range of traditional Basque dishes made with California ingredients: white beans in local-vegetable broth; gratin de crabe caught from the California coast; sébaste au Español, or a classic roasted California rockfish with garlic and lemon and tomatoes in green olive oil; and ttoro, a fish soup with squid and shellfish and local fish cooked somewhat like a bouillabaisse.


wOw! That is pretty exciting. Damn. Had no idea this was coming and I follow him on Instagram :person_facepalming:

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Very exciting. Ate Le Coucou probably 4/5 years ago very good.

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Wonder if the hotel lured Rose to come here to brand the food program, or did Rose choose the hotel as his restaurant space? There’s a difference.

That would be cool to have real, authentic, QUALITY Basque food.

Bakersfield has a bunch of Basque places since there’s a significant Basque population here (or the remnants thereof, after so many generations it changes) but the restaurants are uniformly horrible IMO, basically mid-west food of low quality with a side of beans and pickled tongue being the only things seemingly defining them as Basque

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It’ll be interesting to experience the difference between Spanish Basque food and French Basque as filtered through Rose’s perspective. I had dinner at Spring in Paris in 2015 and was very impressed. He’ll be a welcome addition to the DTLA dining scene.

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I love Basque-American restaurants, but they are old-school in both good and bad ways, and the food’s pretty farr from modern Basque cuisine.

Seems likw he doesn’t have a direct relationship with the hotel.