Cafe Basque

This version by Cafe Basque looks over cooked and over curdled. Never had the original one from La Vina, but the Pas Jolie version is exceptional.


Since we’re on the topic the pics from our Basque (Spanish and French ) trip are here

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Anyone know the corkage?

The cheesecake recipe is actually super easy to make.

I made 2 during lockdown and it was delicious.


Partner has also made 2, and they do indeed seem easy to make (and are great to bring to a party).

I prefer mine firmer (like your 2nd pic). :slight_smile:

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I like them runnier!


I feel like I can savor it more when I have to let it melt in my mouth. :slight_smile:

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I love diversity of thought and freedom to choose but on the matter of sacred regional desserts I stick with the damn rules lol. I like it the Pais Vasco way but I’m happy you’re happy

It’s not a regional dish. It’s a contemporary dish invented by a living chef.

We were pretty underwhelmed by our dinner here last night. Service was somehow inattentive, but also disruptive. It was really something. None of the food was bad, but the only standout dish was the tuna, which is a really great plate. Our tortilla looked nothing like the tortilla @rlw posted above and was identical to @PorkyBelly’s photo, but maybe even slightly thinner. Ours wasn’t runny at all, but then I’m not sure how it could have been because even 10 seconds on a hot pan would cook something that thin all the way through. The cheesecake is totally forgettable and doesn’t hold a candle to Dave Beran’s version. I actually preferred the rice pudding for dessert and that wasn’t amazing by any means, but the caramel swoosh on top was tasty. We weren’t too bothered by the price of dinner ($300 after tax for 2 of us) but we don’t see ourselves returning when there’s so many other restaurants operating at a higher level even just a few blocks away.

The Good:
Chorizo & Cheese
Creamsicle (zero proof cocktail)
Shrimp and Avocado

The Meh:
Duck (though the almond puree is damn good)
Rice Pudding
Crab Gratin

The Bad:
Spicy Margarita (not on the menu, but what came from the bar was flat out undrinkable)
The Cheesecake


I consider it even with Damian. Peony prefers Cafe Basque. We agree San Laurel is better in every category in which restaurants are rated, and not much more expensive, so I’m not sure we will return to Cafe Basque.

Now we had 2 visits in Jan to Cafe Basque. At best, I would say its a mixed bad. Some dishes are very good (anchovies with olive, tomatoes, tuna, perfectly fried calimari, chicken), service is uneven, wine list best not mentioned, and the same cocktail came out dramatically different from the bar to the left of the lobby and the bar in the restaurant. I do not see us driving to DTLA to dine at Cafe Basque, but if we need a pre-concert dinner, its a consideration for sure (although I would probably rather do Cabra upstairs).


i think Damian is very different and much better accross the board. Trying San Laurel in a few weeks…you set high expectations.

same here
loved some dishes (esp the tomatoes) and found some dishes just like no one paid any attention at all.

I ended up at Cabra the night after going to Cafe Basque and it totally solidified that I’m not going back to Basque when I can just go upstairs.


cafe basque so bad that unverified max wouldn’t even review it on ig?

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That was my thought as well. Anyone friends with him on IG?

He’s in Japan right now.

salad was the giveaway

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