Cafe Jacqueline, worth it these days, what do you think?




I don’t think it has changed at all. Personally I’d just make a souffle at home and I wouldn’t want two in one meal so I only went once many years ago.


Hmmm. but in your case you can actually make them. sadly, I can’t or else that would be a great fucking idea for me.

it’s super expensive too ???


Why do you think you can’t make one? I’ve only done it once but it was not hard at all. Like robert, two souffles in one meal doesn’t sound good to me at all. All the same texture.


oh my bad.

I meant i’d just grab one of those fucking dessert souffles and a cappachino.

definitely not two.


only for the fucking dessert.

and grub say I don’t know Jai Yun or l’ osternia del forno before i fstill around or tomasso’s ??? or ???

what would works as a good dinner before ???


Jai Yun (reservations required), L’Osteria, and Tommaso’s are all good. In North Beach I also like Ideale and BaoNecci (though I heard a couple of reports that their pizza went downhill).


is it still fine to hit up the $45 or rather $55 meal from Jai Yun instead of the $100 or $125 meals ???


At last report Jai Yun’s lowest price was $80. Not sure if it has gone up. Lucky Peach recently published a great article on the place:


Wow. I found that article mostly really, really sad. And I think if I ate that kind of meal in that huge space with no one else there it would depress me. I had no idea having only read Chowdown type reports. Thanks for sharing, r.


Bobby, got it.

So I’m guessing that means that the old $100 meal is now around $150 or $160, wow.

but for the $80 meal i’ll still get most of the goods that i’m after ??? or do they drastically cut back on the ingredients because it’s not the $160 meal or whatever the new highest price point is going for ???

thanks for the update. last time there, it must have been 6 year ago, it was 45 per.


The one time I ordered a more expensive meal than people at the next table, what they got was maybe 85% the same.

It is a strange place. I would not go there solo. I think he might charge extra for that.