Cake Shop Top 3

What do you think?

Bakeries, cafes and even restaurants simple enough to pop on for dessert without reservations? Specifically cake though

Have a tough time here sometimes with my favorite dessert and end up finding some Ice cream type of alternative.

I’m thinking

  • Moulin (the trapezziene once brought to us was perfect, never been)
  • Republique
  • Karina’s

Honorable mention to Jane on 3rd for still my favorite slice in LA, the hazelnut merengue cream


I’m with you. In NY used to love going to Chikalicous for after dinner dessert tasting menu.

I’m not sure if they still do this but Providence used to have a dessert only tasting menu you could drop in for. I recall seeing several people come in for this dessert only tasting towards the end of my meals ~9pm.

If you are going late night I would add in Pizzeria Mozza - might be able to sit at the bar.


They stopped doing it many years ago.

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And was it cake or A Chinese soup spoon of mousse of fairyberry?

Sweet lady janes does very good cake and pies. Maybe not top tier nicole rucker or republique but delicious old school. Just had a raspberry cheesecake the other day!

Michelina and Winston Pies are also in the miracle mile/weho neighborhood. On my radar but yet to try.


Yes I’ll always love them. We lived across the street from the Melrose original for 10 years and have had it so so much. But I had to make room for some more obscure choices

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Hi @Nemroz,

Definitely love Republique. An interesting alternative with delightful cakes and desserts would be Patisserie Chantilly.

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I’ve had this bookmarked for too long

I went to patisserie chantilly the other day before a meeting in Torrance. Walked in with puffs and cakes like a king. It’s all amazing and very much worth the trip


I have a large staff… I buy lots of cake…

– Northgate Market (They have the best Chocoflan)
– Kings Hawaiian (Paradise Cake continues to amaze)
– Phoenix Bakery. (totally worth the PITA to get there… although I always find parking just going down Broadway)
– Westchester Bakery (always comes through in a pinch)

Cakes you wish were better but just aren’t…

The afformentioned Portos and along with it… La Monarca.
Susie Cakes (Although it’s still my go to for Pie)
Paris Baguette (They taste off)

We are a strict no Costco Cake zone. Even with a Staff of 15… not everyone eats cake and so a your standard birthday cake size will do. Better you snooze you loose than be left with a giant waste of cake!


Man, my work is right across the street from a La Monarca. I like a bunch of stuff they do but their cake- so expensive and not good

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Just a tiny amount of thread drift, but… What do you like there? We live relatively close to the SaMo location, and we tried it once (a few pastries, not any cake, IIRC). I don’t remember exactly what we got, but I thought it was very… meh.

Susiecakes is wife’s #2 (behind Nothing Bundt Cakes). She likes cakes super sweet though.

For me, I like the mexican hot chocolate-type drinks to go with the not-very-sweet pastry shaped like a pig (I think they’re called puerquitos)

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Hah! I’ll keep it short, I promise. I like most of their savory items for a few reasons. I like that you can get their (decent) tortillas as something prepared or in a pack, the sandwiches are cheap and a nice snack and it’s cool they offer pretty solid vegan options. That said, they’re not my go-to and I tend to only go there if I’m nearby.


I like the cookies (especially their mini Palmiers) and their Cafe de Olla. I will go just specifically for a to go container of that.


Love, love the non-cloying sweetness of Phoenix cakes. There’s a Metro stop not too far away. But yeah, holding a cake while navigating metro can at times be a PITA in and of itself…


Chinatown fav of my friends when we worked Downtown was Amy Bakery.
Switched to Kee Wah when she moved and that became more convenient.

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Speaking of Phoenix Bakery and the aforementioned Porto’s. That Milk & Berries cake I had recently reminded me of PB’s Strawberries & Whipped Cream Cake.

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Can we see some personal Top 3s please