Can we add polling?

Discourse says there is a polling feature but I don’t see it in the settings icon.

the moderator removed it.

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I don’t recall having done so, but.educing individual opinions to a binary or multiple choice seems to me like a bad idea, so I might have.

What’s the positive use case?

this was a poll and then got disabled.

Wanted to re-start dish of the month so wanted to be able to poll to see dish that ppl want to post about.


I don’t think the polling feature makes much sense for that as the person who creates the poll has to define all the options. DOTM selection should be open-ended.

Maybe it doesn’t need polling but is it really going to hurt anything to have it available?


Who knows? But without a positive use case, I’m against any new feature.

It’s your world but personally I think it’s nice to have different ways to engage


But it wasn’t a new feature. It’s a removed feature?

I didn’t notice the polling feature was gone but I liked it. It helped when planning FTC meetups.