Candy is Dandy but Liquor is Quicker?

Okay, now that you’re paying attention :upside_down_face:

I tried iL Dandy a couple weeks ago. Not particularly wowed, but I’d like to try it another time or two before totally writing it off.

Cocktails were good

Gin & Tonic…I really liked the wallpaper behind it

Riff on a Negroni

This was vodka with something else…passionfruit and beets I think

Then we decided to order a pizza. The pizza selections were unusual and the crust is made with a strain of yeast that is 100+ years and was smuggled in from Italy.

So here we are…bacala + braised escrole + castelvetrano olives + cheese…a lot of cheese. The bacala was not particularly well represented, you kind of had to search for it. The escrole had good flavor but was a bit waterlogged. Somehow the olives morphed (undisclosed) from castelvetrano to kalamata, but the cheese was abundant.

Branzino. Good, but nothing stood out. The plating was…ummm…brown?

Raviolis stuffed with short ribs, cheese sauce with a preserved egg yolk garnish. Raviolis turned out to be tortelini, the short rib filling was dry, the cheese sauce overpowering. It wasn’t a terribly dish, but not exactly appropriate to the middle of the summer.

From the appetizer list, this was probably the best dish of the night…shrimp carpaccio with citrus and tropea red onion sorbetto. Everything worked well together and the flavors were complementary. The Tropea onion sorbetto was spectacular

Dessert!! It was very good as well. A riff on popcorn.

The room is nice and well appointed. They clearly spent some $$$ rehabbing the space. WAY more staff than they needed, they were gracious but not especially attentive.

3 cocktails, 1 pizza, 1 appetizer, 2 entrees, 1 dessert and tip clocked in at just under $100 per person. Value for the price isn’t there. The physcial restaurant space is beautiful, the food is good but does not transcend to very good or beyond. But, I would like to give it a couple more tries before giving up.


Thanks for the amusing review. This place reminds me of…most every other italianish place in SD. Short ribs again…

Well given that the father/son duo that own and operate this restaurant have some serious cred, not to mention some Michelin stars in Italy, their offering here doesn’t live up to the hype. I thought the prices were high and the food pedestrian. When the red onion sorbetto is the best bite of the night it kind of leads one to surmise that the kitchen may not be firing on all pistons.

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Thank you for your review. Il Dandy is on my list, but I won’t be moving it to the top for now. Curious: what is your opinion of Piacere Mio and the new one, Ciccio , in Logan. I love Piacere Mio’s ravioli in mushroom sauce. We loved Bice and hope that Ciccio will be good.

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Sorry to say have have been to Piacere Mio or Cicio. Will give them a go

The Piacere Mio in Del Sur is very good. Haven’t been to their other location though.

The Piacero Mio in South Park is marvelous. I think it was their original location but I’m not sure.

Pretty sure the So. Park location is the original. We love their mushroom pasta sauce.