Carne Asada at Costco Meat Dept - Consistently Delicious!

I shop at Costco in MdR very regularly. I’m the shopper who when hearing a fellow shopper ask, “I can’t remember where the ______ is…,” I can give that person specific directions as to where to find it.

I’ve tried Costco’s seasoned carne asada four times now, and each time we grill it up, slice it and eat it, everyone is nothing but smiles. Sure, it’s more work than hitting up a favorite taqueria or truck, but with all the talk about carne asada lately, why not just fire up the grill, spend about 15 minutes grilling and low-heat finishing one of Costco’s slabs of deliciousness and have at it?

The quality of meat always seems very high and the seasoning is perfect. You control the amount of smoke and char. The only catch is having a good source for tortillas and anything else you might desire to garnish your carne asada. We usually drop by the Mexican food stand at the Sunday Mar Vista FM to get tortillas, salsas and chips. The sweet Abuelita there has some delicious stuff, and she always gives me a scolding to be nice to my wife for free as well.

The MdR Costco’s carne asada is available most days, but the selection/quantity is higher Friday through Sunday.



Ever had Vallarta’s marinated carne asada, and if so, how does it compare?

Pics of Asada in packaging please

Sorry I haven’t. The Costco version is coated with a “rub” - no marinade as far as I know. I am sure this “rub” is some premade stuff in a canister, but the results off my grill have been great.

I will oblige your requestt on my next visit.

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Just get a tortilla press and make your own tortillas as well!

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Nice idea. Kids made agua fresca last weekend… next project: kids mastering the tortilla press!

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Have you tried Sanchez’s carne asada? Curious how it compares. I’ve grabbed theirs also some carnitas and chicharon, gone across to Northgate and picked up a pack of their fresh made tortillas along with some salsa rojo and avocado salsa from the hot foods section.

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I used to get Sanchez’s carne asada but haven’t for a long while. I’m assuming it got very popular to the point where one had to call in and reserve the amount desired. I also found the quality had slipped. Kinda makes sense with the increasing popularity. It’s been a good 7-8 years since my last try.

We go to Northgate for tortillas when It’s not Sunday. Lucky to have a source of fresh tortillas in the general area.

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I quite enjoy the carne asada at Northgate. Seasoned very well…I’m a fan of the marinated chicken leg meat, too.

Have you tried Sanchez market’s? Generally I find the meats at Sanchez a notch better than at Northgate.

I’ll have to check for a Sanchez in my neck of the woods.

Just off the top of my head, but I think Sanchez is a local family business in the Culver City/Del Rey/Mar Vista area.

Sanchez Meat
4525 Inglewood Blvd
Culver City, CA 90230

Thanks, @bulavinaka! That’s certainly not my neck of the woods.

Yeah, I thought we were talking strictly westside.

I stopped by the MdR Costco this PM and took a few lousy pix of the carne asada.

$8.49/lb for Choice grade. The detail sucks because of my horrid photo taking, the overhead lights and the condensation on the plastic wrap.


What is mechanical tenderizing, and why is it hazardous to your steak?

FWIW: this has been in the news… and I was reading the label…

I don’t know but I buy meat to have a non-processed ingredient but that piece of meat with that “ingredient list” makes it a highly processed food.

So far I’m 4-0 against Team-coli.

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