Cassia - Santa Monica

does … anyone know why the pig tail disappeared??
and also the escargot flat bread thingy?
or if they will ever reappear?

the pig tail was a classic carried over from spice table too! (although i think it was in its best form at spice table)


Went here a few weeks ago and it was great, hadn’t been since they opened back In the day. Would highly recommend… was way better than the dinner we had at Felix the night before!

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I asked and they said the chef didn’t like the new supplier of it or can’t get the old one. so never coming back

Sounds implausible to me. There are many excellent pig farmers out there.

Well that’s what the person I asked said. They sounded sincere about the chef’s standards shrug

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I believe it. The Rustic Canyon restaurant group is very particular about its ingredient sourcing. I recall that after…I believe it was Hurricane Sandy…Milo & Olive took the Crispy Pepperoni Pizza off the menu for a number of months. When I asked a server why it was off the menu, they said that the supplier of the pepperoni was facing disruptions due to the hurricane, and that the specific pepperoni they source is integral to the dish and they would never use a substitute product.


Pepperoni, sure, there are unique ones since they’re an artisanal product.

Maybe most farms dock the tails so they have none to sell.

pig tail is back!


Yes hurray and hip hip hurray!!!

Ask and you shall receive :muscle:!


im going soon! can people comment how the raw spicy scallops, Wok-tossed Water Spinach, Vietnamese Caesar Salad and Beef Rendangare? And if any of the desserts or drinks are worth it?

Beef Rendang was a standout. Pricy but a large hunk of tender, unctuous beef and the sauce was sop-worthy, which my kids did with the flatbread. As my 11yo puts it - dad, if I’m allowed to, next time, I’m going to order the Rendang. but if we have to save money, then I’ll just get the roast chicken.


loved the wok tossed water spinach with red boat and cherries! havent had the others. get the pig tails if they have it. drinks are very good.

I am not a huge fan of the scallops or the sunbathing prawns, though many love them.
Glad to see the Pig tail is back…need to go grab it by the…
Love the Rendang
Charcuterie Fried Rice is sooo f*ing good.
Spinach and Cherries is a great newish addition.

Vietnamese Coffee Pudding is considered THE dessert.

The raw spicy scallops are great. I prefer the lamb breast to the rendang but the rendang is good. Both come with lots of rice. Desserts are ok but nothing “must have.”

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@CiaoBob agreed on the sunbathing prawns. The prawns were humongous and fresh, but for me, the marinade was a bit one note and overwhelming. I also think I’m more of a hot rather than chilled shrimp guy.

and I was remiss not to mention the Vietnamese Coffee Pudding. So good.

the spinach on the menu says, “Red Boat maple bourbon fish sauce, grapes, bacon, garlic & Thai chilies”

so no cherries anymore?

also was thinking of trying the kaya toast as a dessert which I heard was good and sweet? or coffee pudding is better?

I enjoyed the bread with meatballs and cashew curry.

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