Casual breakfast?

I’ll be in the Emeryville and Richmond this Sat afternoon to Sun evening. We’re going to Iyasare on Sat for dinner. Any ideas on a tasty, very casual breakfast place for Sun? We’re staying at the Hilton in Emeryville and would like outdoor dining. And if anyone has ideas for a quick, tasty, early dinner on Sun near the Craneway Pavilion in Richmond, I’m all ears.


You can hit up Boichik Bagels and tell us if the hype is real.

(It’s in Berkeley on College Ave)

Fournee Bakery looks pretty good

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Both tend to run out early. There are some picnic tables in the Fournee complex. Nowhere to sit near Boichik.

Rudy’s Can’t Fail, Oceanview Diner, Brenda’s, Honor Kitchen, Pizzaiolo, Saul’s (which has Baron bagels)

Near Craneway there’s Assemble which I’ve heard good things about but not managed to eat at, Anh for OK Vietnamese with a bay view, and Lara’s Fine Dining. On warm days in the surrounding area it’s sometimes chilly, overcast or foggy, and windy in that neighborhood.

Wow, I didn’t know they reopened. Very cool!

Fournee is GREAT, best French pastries in the East Bay, but as not a morning person they’re always sold out of almost everything by the time I get there. Damn it.

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+1 for Rudy’s. When I worked at Pixar it was a regular lunch destination…

Quick update: partner’s friend had, unbeknownst to us, made a reservation at the Claremont Club and Spa for breakfast. A very pretty setting, but the food was bad. And I don’t just mean for the price. Apple to oranges, but the food I had at the Hilton we stayed at was much better.

Thanks for all the recs. Hopefully, I’ll get to try some of them one day!

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