Cauldron Ice Cream

Having heard all about the “puffle” (an eggette or Hong Kong-style waffle used in lieu of a waffle cone), I figured I’d check out Cauldron Ice Cream down in Santa Ana. This place is a nitrogen-based a la minute ice cream shop, and one of their several Instagram-worthy gimmicks is to shape the ice cream into a rose shape before serving you. Well, unless they’re busy…which they really weren’t when I was there, so unless they’re “busy” or just feeling lazy.

Anyway, they cycle flavors every month. I tried the Double Shot Chocolate in their famous “puffle.” The ice cream was super yummy! Very good flavor and texture. The “puffle,” on the other hand, is a terrible ice cream delivery vehicle. Very awkward. Also, these HK-style waffles were the most bland, least flavorful things I’ve ever had! As bland/neutral-tasting as a saltine cracker without the salt! I get wanting the ice cream to shine, but even a waffle cone has some vanilla notes to it. Every other HK-style waffle I’ve had has had a nice custardy flavor to it, too.

Overall, I wouldn’t return unless I’m already in the area, and I’d pass on the “puffle” (awful portmanteau, btw). Get the ice cream, and pray to the Instagram gods that you get yours looking like a rose.

Cauldron Ice Cream
1421 W MacArthur Blvd., Ste F
Santa Ana, CA 92704
(657) 245-3442


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I’ve always skipped the puffle…would rather spend the carbs and calories on ice cream. They make a rather nice foie gras ice cream with raspberry coulis…it’s one of those special flavors that only appears every now and then.


That sounds delicious! Might have to go back for that.