Cecconi's West Hollywood

According to their web site :
Cecconi’s originated in Venice and serves hand-made pasta, seafood, and dishes from Northern Italy using the best ingredients. In addition to the flagship restaurant in Mayfair, London, Cecconi’s has outposts in West Hollywood, Miami Beach, Berlin and Istanbul.
Now, I may not be a ‘pasta’ connoisseur, but I have eaten my share of ‘al dente’ pasta at many other places. But for my first visit, their $36 spaghetti were too chalky for our taste. We send all 6 orders back and asked for them to be replaced with their brazeno dish which we did like.
At the end, we were billed for both. I was in too much of a hurry to leave to argue the bill.

you sent back 6 orders of $36 spaghetti? did I read that right?

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Correct. We returned all six.
Also I did not discovered that we were billed for the 6 returned spaghettis until I got home.

To be perfectly clear, each returned plate of spaghetti was $36 before tax and tip.
I have learned that fresh pasta can never be be cooked ‘al dente’ as they are soft to begin with. So this spaghetti must been hand made and then hand dried and then hand cooked to achieve that perfect extra chalky mouth feel.

I’m imagining some manager shitting himself when he got $200 worth of spaghetti returned from 1 table.

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In reality it is probably more like 2 dollars worth of returned spaghetti.
The only significant loss to Cecconi’s is the table time they could have used to over-charge some other schnook for their crappy food.


There were absolutely no lost to Cecconi’s as I paid for both the returned and the replacement items.

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Dear ClaoBob,
I categorically deny that I am a schnook and also question your statement that foods at Cecconi’s is crappy. Although, we had ordered only a few items from their menu and it was only their chalky spaghetti that we were not happy about. Other dishes we had were at or about average but definitely not crappy. Our branzinos were very good.
If you have additional crappy experiences with this joint, please elaborate.

I am sorry - I hope you know I did not mean to call you a schnook as much as I meant to convey that I feel sad for anyone eating Ceconni’s soulless corporate Italian food. As for specifics it has been more than 5years since I ate dinner there so not much specifically remains but a vague memory of a boring overpriced menu, terrible bread, bad pasta, and overcooked fish. The bar is really fun - though for such a huge bar there is a strange deficit of seating - and I have had many a fine time eating decent cured meats and sipping drinks while watching some of the most beautiful and obnoxious people do their thing.

Then why did you post about your experience at all? It sounds like you wanted people to sympathize w/ how you spent a large amount of $$$ and only got a very sub-par plate(s) of pasta. @ciaobob did that, and then you criticized him for sympathizing w/ you.

You know that double binds used to be considered schizophrenogenic, right? And the last thing we need is a psychotic board…

You must be rich as shit, to not notice 6 $36 charges on your bill. JEALOUS!


Overpriced menu, depends. Terrible bread, agreed. Bad pasta, need I say more. Overcooked fish, may be inconsistently cooked.
It was a Friday evening, we had reservations, arrived on time but were made to wait 45 minutes watching “some of the most beautiful an obnoxious people do their thing”. There were also a large family parties of close to 20 peoples celebrating their child’s birthday.

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I don’t know. I probably would have noticed an extra $200+ on my bill before paying it. Especially, since it would figure into the amount left for the service tip (an extra $40?). No amount of ‘rush’ would keep me from debating that with management.

I would suggest you take the same effort you made here to post your grievances and use that energy to make management aware of the situation and allow them the opportunity to rectify it.

I hope you get this taken care of! That’s too much money to just blow off…at least, for me it is!


I clicked on because I had read Cecconi in Weho has a good Happy Hour and was curious if anyone mentioned it. But this is such add odd thread. The OP seemingly posted to inform people of what I would call a very bad experience. Then defends the place against someone who is agreeing. Then goes on to describe even more badness at said place. I don’t know about you, but if I had that experience - even if some dishes were “about average” - I would categorize it as “crappy” all the way around. No Cecconi for me. Thanks for the heads up.

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