Celebration Restaurant - Santa Barbara

I’ve reviewed the great recommendations in current Santa Barbara thread, but am hoping for a few excellent ideas for a significant anniversary dinner. All fine dining or not too loud/casual ideas would be appreciated.

Thanks very much in advance!

I love Toma. Its outstanding Italian, Great service, pretty and quiet near the pier.

If you dont mind a bit of a drive, SK Kitchen in Santa Ynez is great food. More casual and a good lunch option as well.


Toma looks like a great fit, I truly appreciate the help. We’ll also keep the Santa Ynez option in mind for lunch too. We were thinking to have our other dinner at the hotel (El Encanto), but open on this too.

Thanks so much.

We really enjoyed our meal at Loquita when we were there earlier this year. The outside patio felt very safe and well distanced between tables. The food was great and had some excellent wine/drinks.