Century City and DTLA lunch

I just started a new job and will be spending most of my time in Century City right in the towers next to Craft. Any good lunch spots in the area?

I’m also DTLA about once a week working in the tower on 5th between Grand & Flower.

I’d be eternally grateful for some intel on the good spots in these areas!

Lots of options on Sawtelle between Olympic and Santa Monica
Sushi Tjusita
Tjusita LA for tsukumen
Plan Check
Seoul Sausage Company

Within a 7-10 minute drive
Apple Pan
Greenleaf Gourmet
Zankou Chicken

Inside the mall
Joe’s Pizza
Meizhou Dongpo
Shake Shack and Eataly sometime in 2017

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I split time between the Twin Towers and DTLA too. Three of the places in the plaza by the towers, Piknic, Habanero Grill and Cuvee are fairly decent. Check particularly the daily blackboard specials for interesting items. If you want to walk to the shopping center, Meizhou Dongpo and some of the others are good, though the center is a mess due to construction and it’s tough even finding an entrance. Best bet downtown is along 7th St., particularly the 7th at Figueroa food court, and any number of restaurants headed east, including Bottega Louie, Little Sister, Sea Salt Fish Grill, Mas Malo.

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Lunch in DTLA around 5th btwn Grand/Flower (for something quick; otherwise go to Drago or Nick & Stef’s, or Spring if you don’t mind a bit of a walk)

  • Mendocino Farms
  • Eko Eats
  • Pitchoun
  • Pez Cantina (up on Bunker Hill)

Century City (for something quick; otherwise just go to Craft or Hinoki)

  • Cafe Paraggi
  • 1880 Cafe
  • The Stand
  • Clementine
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Cheeseburger at belcampo
Bs taqueria
Baco mercat
Orsa & winston

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AKA “The Lawyer Thread”… :slight_smile:


In the Century City mall, I think Coral Tree Cafe and Massis Kabob are totally decent. I also like Bibigo (I think that’s what it’s called).

Gelson’s is also a reliable choice.

Perhaps not walkable, but Bru’s Counter (~1 mi west) is also respectable.


Mrs. Winstons had a great salad bar, and lots of healthy snacky things. They also have oatmeal and porridge in the morning.
1999 Avenue of the Stars. A little hard to see, it’s by the parking entrance for the building Sheppard Mullin is in.

Gelson’s in the mall has a mini-food court, pizza, deli, Asian, plus hot and cold salad buffet/salad bar.

Clementine on Santa Monica Blvf., a short walk away, has really great food, soups, sandwiches, bakery items.

In the mall, I liked Obica and Gulfstream. Stay away from Bread Bar and Toscanova! They’re both awful and overpriced.

And of course, the wonderful Craft, sit at the bar for a nice lunch, alone or with friends. They are so nice there and the food is excellent. (The other places to eat in that plaza all kind of suck, sorry. Too bad because it’s pretty with all the grass. Good place to go if you’re brown-bagging and want to get outside.)

If you’re in the mood to hop in your car and spend a little cash, Spago is a just a few minutes away. Use the valet and sit at the bar. :slight_smile: