Champion's Curry (Little Tokyo): A Pictorial Essay

The former Karayama space along Central Avenue in Little Tokyo has given way for the newest location of Champion’s Curry. Serving Kanazawa-style curry (think rich, savory and deep) in a fast-casual diner setting, very much like the curry slingers one would see in Japan, this location offers favorites like hamburg, and of course katsu breaded cutlets. Customers can copiously pour the tasty curry on any of the plates, and also use the curry as a flavorful dip for their katsu sandwiches. Vegetarian curry over rice is also available, with tofu nuggets on top. Curry fries are a somewhat novel option as a side. And add an avocado too, because California.

Ordering was fast and service was cordial. (Note: No cash transactions; cards only). Outdoor seating is available. And its interior, with its booths and retro lines, should provide a comfortable seating for a quick bite once in-person dining is allowed again.

My favorite bites at Champion’s Curry were the well-made and dippable sandwiches - pork katsu is the most popular, with beef katsu and fish katsu following close behind. But truly the star that shines here is the Japanese curry itself.

The hamburg plate, complete with tomato rakkyo pickles, was good, although I was a tad surprised to see that the hamburg here came cooked on the considerably rare side. "Many customers like the beef on the rare side, " explains Yoya Takahashi (yes, THAT Yoya-san, chef from Hamasaku in West L.A.and more recently Umi by Hamasaku in El Segundo, which has shuttered since the pandemic). “Anyone can certainly order the hamburg more well done. We can easily do that.”

With the closure of Curry House, Japanese curry fans should rejoice with the Grand Opening of this establishment. All in all, Champion’s Curry represents another great addition to Little Tokyo. There also exists a sister location in Long Beach, at Steelcraft.

Champion’s Curry
136 S. Central Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90012


So much better than the LB Location?


Not sure - I haven’t been to the LB location. But it’s a chain, so I’m guessing consistency across the board is the name of the game…

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Ah! For some reason I had it in my head that you went to another curry place recently! Carry on!