Cheap Eats At Sunshine Seafood Palace, Master Zhou

Sunshine Seafood Palace has replaced Crown Palace at 7540 E. Garvey in Rosemead (which replaced The Sun City, which replaced Sun City Seafood, which replaced LA Bistro, which replaced King Palace, which replaced New Capital etc. etc.). That location has generally be associated with value dining, and Sunshine Seafood Palace continues the trend. Lunchtime has $2.15 dim sum plus $5.99 and $6.99 lunch specials, though everybody seems to choose the dim sum, which is quite good. Indeed the only negative is that the selection isn’t particularly wide.

And continuing the value theme, a few blocks east in the food court at the Square shopping center on corner of Garvey and San Gabriel Blvd., the newest entrant is Master Zhou which has a number of $6.50 full sized entrees, $6.00 noodle dishes and $5.00 noodle soup. They’re in the far corner at stall 117G.


That was fast. Sunshine Seafood Palace is closed.