Chef From LA/NYC visiting SF needs rec's for something in afternoon

Hi I am briefly visiting San Francisco this week. I am looking for a place to eat when we will get in around 3:30 on this Thursday. Are any of the more high end or cheffy type places open at this time? I could do ethnic food but we are pretty well covered in LA in that department. Looking specifically for things that I can’t get in LA. Another rec I would like is for lunch on a Saturday. Any places that are newish taco places or kind of Mexican gastropub?
Sorry for the rambling and thanks

Trou Normand is open all day.

Bar Tartine for lunch Saturday. Nothing like it anywhere.

If you spend a lot of time in LA, I wouldn’t bother with Mexican unless maybe you wanted to try Californios or Cala.

Thanks, will probably do both.

In situ is open until 4
Anchor oyster bar
The slanted door

You could hit up Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., unless, of course, you’re already planning on going to the Santa Monica location.

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Do any fine dining places do good lunches? Looking for somewhere Friday

I doubt the San Francisco branch is worth going to because there is no way they could match the freshness of the shrimp caught right above them on the pier. But thanks for the tip

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Besides in situ, i would try mourad, or petit crenn.

A pleasure! :grinning:

Out of curiosity, what are the LA places you’re planning to visit?

Sorry I guess I wasn’t clear in my writing. I lived/worked mostly in New York but have lived in LA for the last 3 years or so.

Gotcha. I also didn’t read the post closely enough.

Have a great trip!

Golden Gate Bakery for the egg tarts. If they are open and not on vacation

In Situ, Michael Mina, and Mourad. High-end places occasionally experiment with lunch but rarely continue for long.

Chris Cosentino’s Cockscomb is now open 11:30-2pm on weekdays. Lacks the usual trappings of “fine dining” but the food is first-rate.