Chef LQ at it again...bascially giving it away

Great chef but man does he under price his dinners. 6 courses for $65.14 (not including tip)

Scallops, cod with morels, foie with smoked eel…high priced ingredients. I don’t know how he covers overhead honestly.

Tickets can be purchased in advance:

Menu below:

MENU (wines are subject to Change and are not included)

LQ fooding@Sangers and Joe “in between Summer and Spring” May 20th 21st 2016

1st course

Buckwheat Blinis | Oyster Tartare | Beef Carpaccio | Uni | yuzu Creme Fraiche

2014 Herve Villemade “les Bulles”, Loire, France

2nd course

Maine diver Scallop | Hood Canal Spot Prawns | hearts of Palm |
Angelo’s Farm roasted tomatoes | | Tomato Mousseux | sweet peas, Ramps
and Watercress Coulis

2015 “La Couture”, Quentin Bourse de Sot de l’Ange rose, Loire, France

3rd course

Wild North Sea “Cabillaud” Cod | White Asparagus | Morel Mushrooms | Parmesan | green garlic Sabayon | Crayfish Nage

2014 brezo blanco, “Godello e Dona blanco”, spain

4th course

Hudson Valley foie gras | Smoked eel | Blis Smoked Steelhead Roe Caviar | Green Apples

2013 Helmut Dolde Spatburgunder, Swabia, Germany

5th course

Liberty Farm Duck Breast | potato and “comte” Raviolo | Green Almond | Passion Fruit Roasted Carrots

2013 Terres Dorees, Cote de Brouilly, Gamay, Beaujolais, France

6th course

Gulab Jamun | Mescal “Galabe” rose water Syrup | Saffron Lime ice cream | Cherry fluid gel

2015 Renardat-Faiche, Cerdon du Bugey, Savoie, France

sorry but for this event no substitution


whoa… i think i can get in for this friday too. wondering how much wine pairing would be

I need to go to one of these! I always have a scheduling conflict though.

I agree @Porthos. Crazy value at that price! Thanks for the heads up.

Thanks for the heads up.

I, too, marvel at how Chef Laurent eeks out a margin (if any at all!!!) from these things.

Maybe he just is an eccentric billionaire who loves to cook opulent meals! If so, please continue!!!

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@Nemroz , his wine pricing is pretty well priced. I usually bring some wine and buy a bottle off the list. Going tonight. Too good of a deal to pass up!