Chengdu Impression

New article by @TonyC


next: “sichuan taste”?

good for tony.


TonyC had recently tweeted about a game changing Chinese restaurant opening coming soon, so I presume this is it, and is just not another Sichuan style opening in the SGV.

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It is well off the beaten path in a generally anonymous section of Huntington Dr. But I think it has great potential given the number of ethnically Chinese residents who live near there.

the article states that it is from Chengdu and is from a restaurant chain overseas?

Kristie Hang’s LA Eater Article on Chengdu Impression has lots of interior shots.

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“We are bringing Chengdu Impression just the way it is in China to Arcadia.”

assuming this is true, with the pork reportedly imported from denmark. then they do the same in chengdu? impressive.

“Everything in the restaurant, including silverware, place mats, tea, peppers, and bean paste, are imported from Chengdu.”

except the pork from denmark and the peppers from japan, plus anything else that doesn’t come from chengdu… the imprecision bothers me, maybe more than it should.

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Let’s hope they didn’t import the Chengdu smog.


Dining room looks very nice, contemporary styling. Hopefully food lives up to decor.

the smog in china doesn’t seem to get publicized a lot.

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Are they really bringing pork from Denmark to Los Angeles?

The smog issue is dead serious. I’m not sure what the solution is, but I hope we can figure it out one day, hopefully sooner rather than later.

The below picture from 2013 is purortedly from Shanghai. Not Blade Runner, as one might expect.

according to the articles, yes.

from what i understand it’s mainly about profit; it cost money to reduce emissions in the air or junk in the water, what have you. the irony is that the folks with money to burn (so to speak) want american made cars because they’re supposed to be superior while most of the extra expertise/expense goes into emission control, without which you should get better mileage and more HP.

I just Google “Changdu Impression” and the following 2 links showed up as the first and second on the list with hundreds of comments.
Now how does a new Chinese restaurants acquires hundreds of reviews in a few days, I wondered.
Looking more carefully, The first link is to a Chicago Impression resturant’s web page and the second is the corresponding Yelp! And they are not referring to our Arcadia version! How can our Changdu Impression claim to be the first?
Chengdu Impression
Chengdu Impression - Order Food Online - 204 Photos & 230 Reviews … › Restaurants › Chinese › Szechuan

They must be denying their past US success or something more sinister?

I post below a few photos from the Chicago Yelp page of the outside view of the restaurant below

and a few of the interior shots

I noticed many resemblance both outside and inside to the Arcadia location.
I am confused.
But notheless, Game Changing Indeed!

Do they serve General Tso’s chicken in the Arcadia branch?

That’s better visibility than many days in Beijing.


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I went for lunch this weekend and will be back for the dinner tasting menu. Lunch menu was a la carte as well as some “3 item combos” that would be good for groups. Not sure if they haven’t staffed up or what, but the different dining rooms was confusing. It looked like most of the people were dining upstairs, but I ended up being seated in an empty room downstairs (toward the parking lot) because I was on crutches and they don’t have an elevator.

Food quality was on par with Szechuan Impression, but slightly different. It seemed more delicate in terms of spiciness and had a more nuanced balance of acid and sweetness. Not sure if the Denmark pork claim is legit, but the pork dishes I had were very good.

The first one was stir fried pork with shishito peppers. Pork belly was incredibly tender, flavorful, and went well with the shishito peppers. Was not overly spicy, even when getting that 1 in 10 spicy shishito.

The second dish with pork was the stir fried cabbage. This was probably my favorite of the meal because the hit of acidity and sweetness from the cabbage went really well with the crispy pork skin. Not sure if they only used the skin/fat portion of the pork belly, but at first I thought they were small french fries. Incredibly crispy exterior, melty, fatty interior. (pictured here: Louise on Instagram: "Favorite dish so far: cabbage with crispy pork belly. The pork was crispy outside and melted on the inside.")

Their mapo tofu was also decent. Very light on the ma la but still flavorful, even though we ordered the vegetarian version. (pictured here: Louise on Instagram: "Mapo tofu sans the meat.")

No tasting menu at lunch, so we’ll be back for dinner.

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