Chicago Business trip


My Brother is headed to Spiaggia and Chicago Cut Steak house and was asking for recommendations on ordering, I don’t know much about the Chicago restaurant scene so I thought I’d ask the group. The steakhouse looks pretty straight forward but anything particularly must get at either?

Any other noteworthy bars ect worth checking out


I really like The Aviary, i wanted to go to Milk Room. both of these places require TOCK Reservations.


I’ll be there for a few days. Thinking Fat Rice, Girl & the Goat, Publican, Vito & Nick’s.

A friend from Chicago insists I get an Italian beef at Buona Beef.


Have you had the burger at Au Cheval? Seems to be getting very mixed reviews in NYC. I’ve never been but only heard good things at the Chicago location.


i really liked Dove’s Luncheonette in Wicker Park for their Chicken Fried Chicken with chorizo verde gravy


Funny place, an old Irish bar filled with old Irish that serves good pizza. Sort of halfway between Cheeseboard in Berkeley and John’s of Bleeker St. Old Style is quite good compared with national-brand industrial piss beer.

I was going to do a bang-bang with Pequod’s but didn’t have the appetite.

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