Chili's Veggie Fajitas Nutrition

The veggie fajitas have 149 grams of carbs.

This is without toppings, and without tortillas.

Where are the carbs coming from? Isn’t this grilled vegetables?

Not a dietician, but since “Fajita Toppings” is listed separately from the tortillas, I’d wager that the 149gm includes the beans and rice in that entry.

Maybe contact corporate to clarify?

Vegetables are full of carbs both in the form of natural sugars and fiber (soluble & insoluble).

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23 grams of the 149 are fiber so that’s 126 net carbs.

Looking at the photo I see rice, beans, and tortillas, which are all significant sources of carbs. The black bean and veggie fajitas have more carbs than the meat ones, which is presumably due to the beans. The avocado also adds carbs.

Are you trying to eat a low-carb vegetarian diet?

The rice, beans, and tortillas were all not included in the 149 grams.

Each of those were listed separately, under “All Fajitas include”.

Fajita toppings: (sour cream, cheese, pico de gallo, salsa): 7 grams
Guacamole: 3 grams
Corn tortillas: 51 grams
Side rice: 27 grams
Side beans: 20 grams

So the only thing the black bean and veggie fajitas were supposed to include, in the “black bean & veggie” line item, were black beans and veggies, and not the rice

I just wanted to be more aware of what I was eating.

Thanks, I didn’t know vegetables also had carbs. I thought that was rice, flour, beans, and some grains, fruits.

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Yeah I might email corporate, thanks.

As I read that, the rice etc. are included in the fajitas total. If they weren’t, the meat ones would have way fewer carbs. Look at “add grilled chicken,” zero carbs.

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I think the chart is really confusing, but, since “Toppings” (7 gm) has it’s own row, I think the only omission from the veggie and black bean entry is actually the 7gm from the Toppings row. I think the entry does include rice, tortillas, etc.

They do, but if you look up carb info for veg you’d commonly find in a fajita (onions, peppers), they don’t contain that many carbs.

I believe the purpose of the “All fajitas include” section is so you could figure out what the results would be if you asked them to hold the rice, tortillas, or whatever.

Everyone’s answers make sense now. Thanks everyone.

You are right, the fajitas must include the rice and beans.

Looking at all varieties of fajitas, the high sodium is probably the only concerning thing then. I guess for one day, it is ok.

BTW, I got a response from Chilis. All they did was link me back to the same nutrition link that I had already sent them.

They didn’t even try to answer my question as to where the carbs were coming from. They just said they test it in an independent facility.

Thanks for the update. That’s annoying that Chili’s couldn’t answer questions about their own food!