Chinese Lunch/brunch in sgv

very good just had their shui jian bao and the hot and sour soup. The buns were very well steamed, moist and chewy on the top and crispy and crunchy on the bottom. While not soupy like the pan fried sin jian bao at say kang kang the meat inside was very tender and juicy with strong garlic and ginger flavors. I assume they probably stuffed a bunch of pig fat into their baos to make it so juicy.

I didn’t really like how they put dried shrimp in the hot and sour soup but it was still very good. Im such a sucker for hot and sour soup probably because i liked having it so much as a kid at americanized chinese restaurants.

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Thanks for the report back @hungryhungryhippos.

One of our friends from the SGV told me last year that the owners of Tasty Noodle House changed (sold it?), and they felt the dishes tasted different. Good to know it seems fine.

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I had it once years ago so I don’t really remember if it tastes the same but it definitely was very good on this trip.