Chinese Lunch/brunch in sgv

What does everyone recommend other than dim sum ?. Have that covered but looking for other options. Tia!

Best Noodle House, and I think @Chowseeker1999 would approve.

Or just hangout at Bulgarini’s for the afternoon. Which is definitely @ipsedixit approved. (Excuse the reference to myself in the 3d person.)


@ipsedixit thanks but I just went to best noodle house last week on the recommendation of everyone here (it was delicious btw). Will have to definitely grab a gelato at bulgarini tho.

Anything else in the area that is ipse approved?


But I need more guidance than just “other than dim sum” … big kitchen table that darn SGV is.

Anything Chinese, throw out a couple and I’m sure I’ll check one of them out. Doesn’t matter if it’s expensive or hole in the wall or and the regional styles don’t matter as long as it’s tasty!

Shaanxi Garden

Beijing Pie House

626 Lobster


Luscious Dumpling

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I’d pick Beijing Pie House. The pies make it kinda brunchy and lots of other very good menu items make it the whole package. It also places you within reasonable distance to Jim’s, Kee Wah, Diamond et al for a different kind of pie…


Beijing Pie House

Lamb pie

Lamb pancake

Lamb noodle soup


That looks good I’ll check it out

old country cafe for taiwanese fare

liang’s kitchen/shang jie/liang’s kitchen for just about anything on the menu, but the noodles in particular. xian tasty pretty close.

flavor garden since renamed zui xiang yuan for also just about everything, but i like the spicy sweet potato pho, the fish dumplings among other things

lao xi noodle house for shanxi regional cuisine. try anything marker house special. good noodles, use of vinegar (deft touch) in many dishes.

try the banh mi at banh mi my tho (best fillings) or saigon bakery (better bread)

most any of the mama’s lu for the XLB & scallion pancakes, avoid the rest of the menu.

embassy kitchen for cantonese. you also might like jasmine house.

shanghai dumpling house for the XLB and most everything else on the menu.

kam hong for the noodles next door to beijing pie house (the pork/fennel pies are my favorite)

noodle house a few malls down from there (east) assembles everything to order after you order it. can’t be in a hurry there.

tasty noodle house for dalian regional cuisine and some of the best shui jian bao in LA IMO.

ahgoo kitchen for the scallion bread, seaweed fried fish and the dumplings.

yoma myanmar for burmese


Thx @secretasianman I’ll definitely have to check these out maybe a bang bang bang situation

I’d just warn the OP that it’s a 15-30 minute turn-around on ordering most pies - just depends on how busy they are. But the menu has enough choices that will fill in that wait time. The lamb and beef soups are nice. The cucumber & garlic, the celery & peanut and tofu dishes are good to very good, as are the beef roll and scallion pancakes. And the pan-fried dumplings are very good.


And the torturous wait time while the pies cool down a bit. Sometimes I just say “fuck it” and scald the inside of my mouth and risk the chance of molten lamb lava squirting from who knows what part of the pie. :joy:

Agree about ordering some quicker items, I like that kombu stuff.


Lol thx for the pointers it’s minds me of trying to eat pizza rolls straight out of the oven when I was a kid…

or you could order something at BPH and walk across the parking lot and get something at kam hong


We’ve done that - the options on how one wants the noodles made are exceptional considering the prices.

So true. I often get them to go - good and bad. The bad of course is when I get home (~40 min. away), they’ve lost some of their “luster” - I think five minutes after they hit the table is optimal. But the good is no “lava burns” and the juices have soaked into the interior, but not so much as to be a soggy mess. They travel with the lids open, and a quick reheat in the oven makes them worthy.

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very good advice

Decided to go to sea Harbour and tasty noodle house. Will have to go to Beijing pie house next time! Durian pastry and shui jian bao


How was Tasty Noodle House?