Chocolate Chip Cookie Death Match

Bummed I missed this one last weekend. They either didn’t have it or I was rushing and missed it. :confused:


Is this cheating? $10 for 8 cookies. 3 flavors available - two chip chocolate chip, chocolate chip walnut and dark chocolate chocolate chip.

The cookies are significantly smaller than the OG but just as delicious since they come out warm.

The cookies are fully baked so you just heat them up in a toaster over for 5-7 minutes.


The Cookie had The Cookie

This is one helluva Cookie. Huge. Guaranteed fresh & hot. Piping hot lovers rejoice. It’s so big even quartered it’s like eating a Blondie. I typically like a thinner, crispy-chewy, salty-sweet choco chip cookie. But! this choco chip cookie is one of the best cookies in town! Sooo good. :hearts: Next time I’m buying them with a pint of whole milk… no almond or oat for this one. :blush:

Bristol Farms
Santa Monica Blvd
W. Hollywood.


Bristol farms does have a great selection of the cow juice! I’m a fan of the alexandre milk brand

It really is a big cookie almost the size of 2 or 3 cookies -you get a lot of it for the price!


Thanks for the milk tip! :cookie::milk_glass::two_hearts: