Christmas Take Out/Pick Up 2020

Please post all the packaged Christmas dinner pickups from various Greater Los Angeles restaurants here, and please do so well ahead of next week! Thank you.

And, yes, I’m starting this because you folks posted so late for Thanksgiving that I missed out on ordering some very good deals (like the Commerson offering) :grinning:


I’m doing Connie and Ted’s (no pics yet b/c picking up on X-Mas Eve).

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Ayara Thai has nice selection of christmas and new year take out

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Bistro LQ

Not many left, methinks.

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We just had their Holiday Bento. Beautifully presented and so delicious. I’m going to get the bento and the Holiday Party Tray for New Year’s.

Tomorrow is the last day for Azay’s Japanese Xmas (pre-order):

But you might be able to get Azay’s Osechi (pre-order);

For historical reference, Sake Dojo had a Xmas special:

Also, Jist Cafe had a prime rib special for Xmas Eve and has a New Year’s Day Oshogatsu (NY day bento box) that have sold out.

Harold & Belle’s (Creole restaurant) in Southwest LA had a Holiday Menu that was available for take-out. The link has been shut down.

My job requires some holiday shifts, so I become an avid Instagram & Facebook hound in the fall, trying to fulfill my family obligations.


Oh, wow i haven’t been to Jist in a while. Used to enjoy breakfast there! Thanks for the reminder, for when we get back to outdoor dining

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At the beginning of the month, Jist has a (pre-order) shumai & char Shu plate. They sell out.
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Hi @JThur01!

I think the thread you saw was a fun after-the-fact thread about what folks ate for Tday, not what they were gonna’ eat. For future reference here’s an excellent pre-Tday thread. It was started in 2018, plenty of time ahead. :wink: Commerson is also on it, but was specifically about finding something last minute. :slightly_smiling_face:

Happy Holiday Eating!

Yep, that was it. Though it was started in 2018, the thread had some mentions of what restaurants were offering for pickup/takeout for this year. Those are what I was referring to. I realize Commerson landed kind of late in the thread. So late, I’d already placed an order :disappointed: Not that what I got was disappointing, but dang!, that Commerson deal looked outstanding. :astonished: Granted, I wouldn’t have had the easy off/on from the freeway there, but…still :grinning:

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