Coffee at Revolver in downtown Vancouver


I read somewhere that this placed was voted best coffee in Vancouver, and as it was a 10 minute walk from the hotel, after we landed and checked in, we headed there for a pick-me-up. The place was crowded but there was room at the communal table in the adjoining room. We got pourover coffee, as it seemed their speciality, as you can see from the shots below.

We stopped by another day and got siphon coffee, which I would not recommened to get here. It was served much too hot and the flavor suffered as a result.

Burning hot coffee - be careful!

It made me realize that siphon coffee is not easy to make, which made me appreciate the great siphon coffee I get at my local coffee shop, Balconi, in west LA. But Revolver did make excellent pour over coffee, with a good selection of coffees!


Nice pix. If you’re around Santa Monica, Funnel Mill on Broadway/9th does great siphon as well.

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Looks fantastic…
My fave when we were there was Caffe Artigiano…outstanding!
Have fun!

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Thanks! Will try next time I’m back! Really did enjoy the town!

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Yes, Funnel is excellent, too! Thanks for the reminder! Kinda forget about them!

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Love love love Vancouver…great food and drink city!

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Funny, I never noticed they do siphon at Revolver – I always go for the pourover, which they offer in lieu of brewed coffee. Siphon is getting a bit more availability here but not much. I can only think of a few other places that do it, one very badly. Really glad Revolver expanded and has upped the pastry game a bit, finally offering one savoury option (Pet Peeve Alert). That is a pretty great hood for coffee with Nemesis and Timbertrain within a block and Prado just a wee bit further east (don’t eat anything at the latter). Purebread has some pretty tempting pastries just a half block away but I’m not a fan of their coffee (Stumptown not handled well).

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Will keep those places in mind if I get back to Vancouver, which I hope to do!

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