Coffee beans worth a drive

Got some great beans from goodboybob the other day. Also realized they’ve started food service (probably had for quite a while). IIRC they had some connection to Triniti in echo park, so should be good stuff

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Thanks for your recs and tips. My coworker said it was some of the best coffee he’s had in quite some time. I even transferred the Inner Circle account to him so he’s locked into the wholesale forever program.

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It’s really good! Maybe favorite one yet. It doesn’t have the high acidity and fruitiness we normally prefer but it is so luscious and rich, buttery that it is what I think of as coffee and it is an amplified version of it. Big mouth feel


One of my favorite origins

I like GBB.

Anybody have recs for Colombian beans by SoCal roasters besides TB&TB?

I’ve always been a fan of AJ’s roasting over at Conservatory for coffee & tea in Culver City across from Sony studio’s.

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Thanks, @aaqjr. I think you mentioned them previously, but I didn’t act on it.
I will be buying my next bag from AJ! Great prices, too.

one of the very early 3rd wave places, he still prices his coffee by the lb instead of 12oz. They’ve been very conservative about reopening but they used to do pour over at the bean counter. Not something they advertised.

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Edit not sure why the beans look dark but it’s a light /medium roast

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Klatch - roasted 8.18 received in the mail 8.20


Anyone in LA roasting anaerobic processed beans?

…not that i’m aware of. Dayglow will sometimes have stuff from Gardelli and other roasters on that tip. For example they have this anaerobic processed Costa Rica… but I haven’t tried it yet!

If you are open to shipping, the good folks of Black&White Roasters have been putting out some fascinating processed coffees for a while, including a good amount of anaerobic processed things.

Without getting too nerdy, I also feel like a lot of these “nontraditional” coffees are best enjoyed in small pourover batches (4-6oz, sipped slowly).

I can’t get over quality and the QPR at City Bean Roasters. these 2 are fantastic and are $22 total. 4th visit…

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Thanks for the B&W rec, will check them out. Yes, I brew it via pourover.

I finally ordered my first bag of beans from The Conservatory based on @aaqjr’s rec. (Anybody that can recognize the no frills deliciousness of Venice Ramen has my trust. Thanks for the rec!)

I got a bag of organic Tolima beans from Colombia ($16/16oz).
So far I have enjoyed them in Moka pot, 18/90 aeropress, and 30/500 Chemex.

Pretty good. Earthy, rich, some dried cherry/raisin flavors that I love so much from Colombian beans, some smooth woody, light vanilla notes.

I still prefer Natural & Organic from The Boy & The Bear ($20/12oz) because of the off-the-charts dried cherry notes, but I look forward to exploring the Conservatory’s other beans.

Do they have a specialty that you would recommend, @aaqjr?


Glad you enjoyed it, they get great QPR. Currently drinking a Bolivian from the conservatory which is a great breakfast cup. My favorite origin though hands down is Kenya.

Bummed to learn they are closing down the shop for 2 weeks. I always prefer to buy in person than online.

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Love to see this! I’m almost out of my monthly subscription from Ruby Roasters so will have to swing by this weekend and pick up a bag or two. Might go for one of their Mexican bags as I haven’t had many beans from there. Will report back.

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