Colima and Fullerton Road Rowland Heights Update

Made my first visit in a year to the shopping center at the NE corner of Fullerton Road and Colima Road. Despite it having been a year, one would not have expected a lot of new restaurants due to the pandemic. Yet in a stretch of about 6 storefronts on the eastern arm of the center there were 3 new restaurants. Coconut Jelly King replaced Auntie’s Tea House (which had some pretty good snacks), Mr. Frog replaced P&R Taste and Liang Crispy Roll replaced Little Highness Bao, the little restaurant that thought it could and once opened up a branch in Beverly Hills right across from Neiman Marcus. Liang Crispy Roll is the most noteworthy, as they claim to have invented a new specialty called the crispy roll. I had the roast duck crispy roll, and it is indeed an extremely tasty item. But all this is overshadowed by the world marketing campaign which pushes an endorsement by Taiwanese superstar Jay Chou. Get your crispy roll take out order (dining area is closed and only takeout is available) and your order is packed in this souvenir bag featuring a picture and autograph of Jay Chou. I know I’m going to treasure my bag for a long time.

There’s also one or more other new restaurants on the northern arm of the center as I spotted a branch of Garage Restaurant, but I didn’t check that section out.


Yay. More JC.

En su casa lo conocen. lol!