Comal - Berkeley

I never started a topic for this place? I eat there almost every week. Had some new dishes last night.

Escabeche de verduras (pickles): peppers, yellow beets, carrots, mushrooms, Delicata squash. All very good.

Grilled chicken livers with pork belly, roasted peppers, and baby watercress: my kind of dish. Livers were cooked perfectly, not dry.

Usual fish tacos on the left, “banh-mi style” pork belly tacos on the right. Oh yeah.


We regularly get take out there. The Platos Fuertes are a kind of regular for us. The chicken is usually really good and the whole grilled chilipepper rock cod “zarandeado” with grilled vegetables is the best takeout I have had in recent years.

We often get the steak or turkey platos fuertes, occasionally the ribs. One of these days the fish will be on the menu when we’re there.

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Is the rabbit tinga good there?

I haven’t seen it on the menu, but it’s the kind of thing I’d expect them to do well…

New-to-me watermelon salad ($13) with sheep feta, lemon cucumbers, watercress, a few shisitos, mint, and I think crema. The menu called it “spicy” but it wasn’t. The combination of watermelon, mint, and sheep feta was fantastic, we’ll try to do a variation of this at home.

Also new to me was an unphotogenic chile relleno ($10), classic and flawless.

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Sheeps milk feta, mint and good watermelon is fantastic!

grilled lamb and gypsy peppers plato fuerte, $62

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I always order the tripe guisado. My favorite dish on the menu.

Judging from the photos they’ve been posting on Facebook, I’m guessing Comal Next Door will open any day. In addition to what’s mentioned in the Express, they’ll have soft-serve ice cream.


Looking forward to this one. Berkeleyside reports that the opening will be tomorrow.

Comal fans will have to wait a little bit longer than expected for its new all-day taqueria, Comal Next Door, to open. The restaurant was undergoing final inspections, which not surprising to hear, delayed the opening that was originally planned for last week. We just got word today that it will now open Friday, April 13…once open, Comal Next Door’s hours will be from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., Sunday through Thursday and 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., Friday and Saturday. Comal Next Door will be at 2024 Shattuck Ave. (near University) Berkeley


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Reopened recently. First of our regular places we’ve been back to. Everything as good as ever.

Pork enchiladas with mole coloradito were great. So was the Hen-of-the-woods mushroom quesadilla. I’d been craving some good fresh masa dishes.

Forgot to photograph the ribs. I think they changed their recipe, I think they used to just grill them, these seemed more smoked / long-cooked, more like BBQ, though not really like anything anyone else makes. Excellent.

Arroz con leche with Tioga cherries, my only complaint is I would have liked more cherries. Really nice combination.

Nice Chenin Blanc. I’m not sure it should say Valle de Guadalupe (which is where the winery is) since the Valle de San Vicente is around 80 miles south.

Lamb birria quesadilla. So good.

Tongue tacos. Also great.

I’ve never seen either of those on the menu before but they change it daily so I might just not have been lucky to look at the menu on the right day.