Commissary @ the Metrograph (LES)

Prior to catching a showing of Belladonna of Sadness [Fn1] we decided to try, Commissary, the restaurant at the Metrograph.

The menu, while not cutting-edge, does offer some interesting highlights, like a chilled borscht or fluke crudo (both appetizers) to even a dedicated vegetarian entree to, of course, a kale Caesar salad [sigh].

In any event, our steak frites was very good, steak was perfectly pan-fried rare (as requested) and the frites were of the proper shoe-string type, and was properly salted with a nice crunchy exterior and pillow-y like interior. My only quibble? It came with chimichurri sauce. So much for tradition, I suppose. But I guess it is a nod to Argentinian chef Norberto Piattoni, who consulted on the menu.

The other dish we tried, the trout, looked like anything you might find at a nice restaurant on the UES, nicely plated on a bed of asparagus, with a good crispy skin. The fish was light and delicate and the butter-parsely sauce did not overwhelm the fish.

All and all, it was a good meal.

Metrograph Commissary
7 Ludlow St.
Lower East Side

  • [Fn1] By the way, if you go, you can catch a screening of Radiohead’s new music video, A Moon Shaped Pool, before any of the theater’s showing.
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Nice, thanks. I shall add it to the list.

I dont mind the chimichurri on a filet in place of creamy peppercorn sometimes. Light and complementary enough