Corn Ice Cream?

Anyone have a lead on corn ice cream in Los Angeles?

Not cornflake ice cream (thank you nonethelss Mother Moo), and not the nasty stuff that Salt & Straw calls “caramel corn on the cob” which tasted too much like refrigerated movie theater popcorn.

Thank you.

does gelato count?

had corn gelato @ Uli a few weeks back. Tasty enough to try once but not my favorite from them.

If you had asked a few months ago I’d have said Fosselman’s since sweet corn is one of their May flavors.

It does indeed, but they no longer have it. I bought 3 cartons when they had it back in July in their freezer.

The real star at Uli these days is the Ube gelato.


going to Uli this week.

Sweet Rose Creamery had corn ice cream last summer. It’s not on their current menu.


Sweet Rose did offer it after the beginning of this summer - this was at the Pico store. It has become relatively popular according to the server, so they are supposed to continue to offer it as long as they can get their hands on fresh corn. Haven’t been back since Julyy though, so I’m not sure of the current status.


Love the corn ice cream from Sweet Rose…

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Atticus on Pico (across the street from Westside Tavern).
Sweet Rose, coincidentally also on Pico (in Santa Monica).

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Ooh, Atticus has it, too?

Only one way for you to find out… :wink: Have a mini pie while you’re at it, too. :wink:


I sure hope so. It’s fantastic. I had it in late July but when I went back 2 weeks ago to the Pico location it was gone. The corn at the farmers market is still pretty fresh and sweet so hopefully they bring back the corn ice cream again this year.

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The corn is my son’s favorite flavor there. He always orders it when available - that’s why I asked about it. I’d be surprised if SR has already stopped making the corn ice cream since plenty of good corn can be had and it is very popular. The only wrinkle I can think of is if SR has a specific type or source for corn.

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I liked the Corn Almond from Magpie, and it’s still listed on their website as available.

Caramel corn on the cob @ salt & straw Studio City

Yes, it sucks.

Damn I need to learn to read, because I have a pint of it in the freezer right now.

Had the corn almond at Magpies today. It was great, but I don’t know if I could get through a cup by my lonesome.

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ok, so I liked it more than this description would lead me to believe, but it’s still not something I can eat a lot of. Actually, on my first serving I don’t even think I ate a kid’s size worth.

There is distinctive taste of buttered corn, with caramel ribbons. So it’s caramel x corn on the cob.

think I’ll stick to the S&S double fold vanilla.

I was at Fosselman’s yesterday and they did have sweet corn ice cream available in the pre-packed half gallon fridge. I can’t remember if I saw it available on the board by the scoop.