Corn off the cob, foodsaver'd and frozen

I mean to do this every year but frequently run out of summer. Yesterday I cut the corn off nine ears of corn and got six cups of kernels. I first wrapped in plastic wrap cause the ‘jus’ kept sucking out of the bag. Two cups to a bag and my firm intention is to do that much at least every week while white corn is cheap. Just a thought.


Calabacitas year 'round!

Corn is one of the few vegetables I know that seems to be better canned than frozen.

Yuck! IMneverHO :slight_smile: But I only like white corn and I rarely see it frozen. But what I do is just terrific. The former/late CH Veggo gave me his recipe for shrimp, corn, poblano soup and I can have it in the dead of winter!

The corn in the photo is white? It looks yellow.

Definitely white. Just the lighting. I wouldn’t eat yellow corn if you paid me. And I don’t even know why. LOL.

With ingredients like corn I freeze them on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper and then vacuum seal them. That way the juice doesn’t run out and I don’t have to pulse seal them. Just a thought!

Brilliant thought! Why didn’t I think of that? Next batch for sure. Thanks a mil.

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