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To me, birria was long ago made from goat. Now it seems it’s all beef and it’s fine. I might try these cause it seems we’re always looking for something we can make a quick lunch out of.

That’s GREAT!!! I LOVE learning something new and did on this. I still remember decades ago going to a place in the SF Mission District before it became cool. I’d read a ‘cheap eats’ article in the paper that mentioned this place and the birria (goat). The sweet, little lady who served us, when I said “goat?” she replied “No, lamb.” At the end of the meal, when our plates were clean and we’d seen no bones remotely resembling lamb, I asked “goat?” and she said “si, goat.” One of those fun little memories. And now birria is everywhere. A fave Mexican place for us in Seattle makes a birria pizza which is actually terrific!!!

So thank for sharing this. xoc


If you are offering me a half-decent shot at getting JitB tacos at home, you have my full and undivided attention…


Just missing ranch…


goddamnit. now I gotta make a costco run. Not this weekend, though. I’m not that big a glutton for punishment.

Ranch on tacos??? And what is that red stuff?

@Ns1 is, I believe, the originator of the brilliant idea of dipping JITB tacos in their ranch sauce – that’s the only way I eat them now. I’m pretty sure the red stuff is taco sauce from TacoBell or similar (I use DelTaco medium sauce myself – I find JITB taco sauce vinegary and generally inferior).

Today 6/3/23 and tomorrow only.

$100 worth of Fogo De Chão for $75. eGift cards at COSTCO online.


It was only $5 off so not the end of the world that I missed it, but with current dine out pricing - 25% off Fogo makes this one of the best dining deals in town


What do you mean by dine out pricing? Is fogo having a separate discount?

I think he just means how expensive it is to eat out anywhere

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Ah ok. I thought there was some type of deal stacking going on like dineLA combined with the gift card

the best fogo deal is market table lunch imo. With gift card, $12 for an AYCE “salad” buffet that includes most of a charcuterie board. Salad bar at Sizzler is $18 for reference.

and yes, it was just a reference to how expensive eating out in general is these days.


ah ok yeah that is a good deal for the lunch buffet.

Did not know this existed. It’s $15 in Irvine. Still a pretty good deal. Goes up to $35 for dinner.


$15, but then you use the gift card that is still available for 20% off…