Costco lean cuisine or health choice

Does anyone know if Costco has either one of these? I like to take them for lunch if I don’t have anything on hand as a cheap, low cal backup.

@Luluthemagnificent I’ve seen them there in the past, but I can’t remember if I’ve seen either brand recently. I’m headed to Costco later this week and will check it out for you.

Costco Northridge carries a 4 pack of the Lean Cuisine, but honestly, it’s cheaper to buy them at Ralphs when they are on sale 5 or 6 for $10, and you can pick which ones you want. I think the Costco ones are 4 for $8.99.


Thanks, but I will be going on Saturday if you don’t go or forget.

Great point!

Yup, I’m with boogie baby. Ralph’s has them on sale often and, you get to mix it up a bit more!

Also Michelina’s has a few low calorie entrees. Just $1 and my favorite is the cheese manicotti.

Only 220 calories, flavorful and, if you add some cooked veggies and garlic powder to it halfway, then top with some grated part - it’s surprisingly satisfying. I can’t be the only one who likes them, my ralph’s is often sold out of them.

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They are popular at my Ralphs too.

I once saw a woman buying all the Lean Cuisine stuffed manicotti/shells and lasagnas. Literally cleared the shelves of them. I jokingly said to her “wow, you must really like those” and she said “I can’t buy all the pasta and ricotta and meat and cheese and make it myself for this price, and these taste good too”. She had a good point!


I used to live in Ohio, not far from the Stouffers headquarters. Every few months, my folks would drive to the plant and? Shop at the factory store (it was open to all.) Different things would be on extra sale and, we’d get really lovely LC baked whitefish in a cream sauce, or LC zucchini lasagnas. Only downside? You’d have to buy a case at a time! But my folks had a standing freezer and were trying to lose weight, so it worked out perfectly. Looking back, no way could we have made those meals for the price we got them for. It totally makes sense.

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Confirmed! I saw Lean Cuisine at Costco today. Packs of 4 of the same flavor/style/meal for under $10. I saw them in passing while in the freezer section looking for the fish sticks…those Ultimate Fish Stick bags are terrific with the fresh tartar sauce I get at my local seafood spot.

Thank you!!