Cotogna - SF

I ordered the prosciutto, melon, and cucumber ($15) on the theory that Quince and Cotogna having their own farm would mean that the melon was great, but it wasn’t. Not bad but disappointing. I ate most of it before I thought to take the photo.

I can never resist the sformato ($15), it’s always one of the highlights. This one was “black cabbage” aka Lacinato kale.

The reason I was there: pizza with house-made 'nduja, broccoli, and green onion ($19). One of the best pizzas I’ve had in a while. The 'nduja was spicy enough that I didn’t need to add pepper flakes.

Unfortunately I was too full to order the tajarin with Umbrian white summer truffles.

Robert , I thoroughly enjoyed our lunch on Saturday . We had a res for a party of six @ 1:45 . Arriving on time we had to wait about fifteen minutes . After being seated immediately , we were brought out the burrata , basil , and tomato pizza on the house . Nice Neapolitan crust with a simple fresh tomato sauce . The burrata was exceptional .I had a Negroni with Junipero gin from Anchor Steam. And on to Dishes that we shared .
Beet , fennel , an apple salad . Very fresh .
Smoked trout with potatoes- hericot vert and nasturtium . great flavor from the smoked trout and the eggs . A little shy on the smoked trout ,but still great .
Burrata , figs , and purslane . love their burrata .
Tagliatelle al ragout Modenese . Simple and well prepared .
Corn triangle with chives , soft fresh pasta triangles with a buttery sauce and corn . Thought this was a star .
Lamb and pork sausage sugo . Like mama made .
Octopus with potatoes and gypsy peppers . The octopus was gilled over wood . Had a wonderful flavor . Maybe slightly a little on the tough side . But A ok
Half Moon Bay sand dabs friitto , served with a house made mayonnaise . Nice fresh pieces lightly battered . Loved this one .
Pasta with truffles . Special of the day . Didn’t try this one . Looked like a fresh tagliatelle .
There are some other dishes ordered that I can’t remember .
For dessert , panna cotta with strawberries , gelato don’t remember the flavor I just had a bite , and dark chocolate torta
To drink we had a bottle of Etna Rosso Pietradolce .
And a bottle of Serrapetrona Quarini .
All in all I loved Cotogna . Can’t wait to return for dinner for the great food and service . Thanks for turning me onto this restaurant ; and also anxious to try the sister restaurant Quince .