Could one (a normal person) bang bang Shibumi and then Kinn?

Anniversary has rolled around again, six years. Woo. I’m on the waiting list at Californios and Horses, but I doubt I’ll get lucky. (Or be able to make it up to SF in time if I do get lucky on the former.)

Anyway, I have a 7:30 resy at Shibumi that I’m thinking of moving to 7. I also have a 9:15 at Kinn. What are the bang-bang possibilities here? Neither of us are gluttons, but we both don’t mind going hard-ish for a night.

Is this a really bad idea? You guys inspire me so much with all the bang-bang tales.

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If Shibumi was still a la carte for food, you could try it, but I don’t see how doing both full-menus would be enjoyable for me personally. IMO the people that do full bang bangs have well-above-average appetites.

I’d rather add a dessert or cocktail place afterward (Shibumi is a good place to drink incidentally). But depends on what you and your partner enjoy.


I’d have to shortchange myself at Shibumi to have enough appetite left even for a Michelin-style tasting menu with canape-sized portions. Also, when I ate there, my meal took 2-1/4 hours, and depending on traffic it could take you half an hour to get to Kinn.

I’d agree with others that Shibumi might be overkill before Kinn, would suggest Here’s Looking at You next door to Kinn since they are a la carte: Menu — Here's Looking At You


I seriously don’t think you’ll want to go to another restaurant after Shibumi.

I spent the rest of the evening at one of my favorite bars.

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Thanks everyone for talking me off the ledge. Just went to Shibumi last night and it was fantastic (and lengthy.) somehow I hadn’t been before.

No way we could have bang-banged from both a time and hunger standpoint.


I’ll do this in the future but god I’ve had bad luck with HLAY. Any recommendations? What’s good there? I’m a pretty aggressive 0-3

I like the chicken liver and momotaro tomato dishes, but haven’t been back since re-opening. I think if you’ve been 0-3, their style is just not for you. It only stuck out in my mind because it’s right next to Kinn!

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