Could use some quick help -- Westwood/WLA/Santa Monica

Could anyone rec a Westwoode/WLA/Santa Monica spot for an outdoor, early afternoon coffee lunch?

A friend is coming down for the Bay Area and needs to meet someone for a business conversation. I never leave the house anymore, so I’m not sure.

Thanks so much!!!

Westwood: Violet Bistro, in Westwood Village. You can enjoy outdoor coffee at Espresso Profeta next door after lunch, even.
Santa Monica: The Cloverfield, at the Santa Monica Airport

Thanks so much

All in Santa Monica:
La Puglia
Back at the Beach Cafe
Milo & Olive

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Not sure if this meeting is happening today (in which case this might be too late), but Tuscan Son would probably also work well.

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if not too late to be of use, Tiato in Santa Monica [2700 Colorado Ave] has a nice outdoor dining area.

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Thanks to you bruins and to PGL … I passed along the recommendations.

bruins – As it happens the I know the friend who asked me for recs through our UCLA ties and the person he is having lunch with is someone he knows through his UCLA days.

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Thanks everyone.

They ended up picking this place:

I’ve never been there, but that’s what they chose.

Did they like it? :slight_smile:

I think they are going in the next day or so.

If I find out anything, i’ll post it.

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The site of many a business lunch for folks at all the tech and entertainment companies in eastern Santa Monica (of which I used to be one). The food is decent if not spectacular and the outdoor space is really nice.


I used to work across the street from Tiato. Gorgeous space, that’s the best thing I can say about it. The grilled cheese was worth ordering and I would get that again.

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