Could we lose the heart?!?!?!?

On that other site it seems that the vast majority of posters loathed the heart. Does FB own the thumbs up?

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Looks like it’s technically possible to change those icons:

Font Awesome has two thumbs-up icons:

I think maybe the hostility on Chowhound came because CNET / CBS added that not particularly useful feature instead of addressing actual problems, such as the inability to post readable photos of menus.

Seems to me like less of a problem / distraction / annoyance on a site that’s specifically devoted to discussions than on one where that comes third or fourth, after advertising revenues.

True. But even with a thumbs up on FB that’s sometimes more positive than I really mean. But I guess by this time we all know that a heart may only mean “yeah, I agree with you,” or “good idea.” BTW this site looks great, Robert! Congrats.


Thanks, though most of the credit for the site looking good goes to Discourse. This is 99% straight out-of-the-box defaults.

It’s really a well-crafted platform reflecting the developers’ many years of experience.

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Well, that was easy. Just cut and pasted some CSS and changed the Uncode value.

Sheesh, man, and CH made everything seem like pulling teeth :slight_smile: I’m quite happy already.



Who cares . Just change it to a plus one or whatever the fuck , if it’s that big of deal. We all know what it means .

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Is it possible to set up the fucking code so that it will allow for way less than 20 characters ???

I think that’s of way more paramount fucking importance than whether to heart or not to heart.

And that ain’t no fucking joke.

Having said that, great site Bobby. And thanks for doing all this work and sharing with us fucking diehard veterans.

I already reduced the post minimum character setting to 1.