Craving Vietnamese

Love the clean lines of Vietnamese food…
Where do you all go besides heading up to Garden Grove?


Pho Hoa; Pho Heip & Grill; Char House; Pho Hut & Grill; Mien Trung; Phuong Trang; Pho Cali; Pho Hung Cali; Que Huong

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How about French Viatnamese? Who makes great clay pots?

Nhu Y or Phuong Nga Banh Cuon.

That said, it’s all pretty shitty. Better off saving the calories for a couple of Filet-O-Fish with french fries and washing it down with a large ca phe da from Mostra.

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LOVE French Vietnamese.:nerd:

There’s a clay pot on the menu at Pho Hut, but I haven’t had it.

This place has some good and some lousy menu items. You need to know what to order. In particular, I suggest that you pass on all of their pho options. Flavorless. Every one.

I’ve had some very tasty things here, though, especially their bahn mi (sandwiches)… Their “specialty” noodle soups are also good.

I’ll try their clay pot offering sometime soon, just to see if its any good – unless you do first.

I like to roll my own. . .spring rolls!

Fresh shrimp, mint, carrot, cucumber, green onion…
My Vietnamese manicurist gave me the real deal on the skins…

Hands down, Pho Hoa at Euclid and El Cajon Bl. But for spring rolls, I like Pho Hoa Cali in Mira Mesa.

I think they have the same owners as the Pho Hoa on Linda Vista, but that’s always been a little unclear to me. Never been to the one on Euclid. Maybe my partner has…she used to teach at a school over there.