Crown Finish Caves - Brooklyn based Affineur

Has anyone tried any of their cheese? Would love to tour their facility but unfortunately not open to the public

Yes, at Mekelburg’s. Very nice. It was a year or two ago & I happened to be there when their rep (owner?) brought product for a possible upcoming cheese tasting. The owner of Mek’s (Daniel) is a friend and kept bringing over samples for us to taste.

ETA: just looked at their web site thru your link & realized that I’ve probably bought their cheese in several places. They have a much larger distribution than I thought (Sahadi’s, Stinky Cheese, even Fairway…). I need to pay more attention to these things.

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Thanks for the intel, gonna try to check out their upcoming pop-up next Friday. Hopefully the cheeses are perfectly ripened for the evening.

Couldn’t make it to the pop up. Picked up some Bufarolo cheese instead from Saxebly cheese at Chelsea Market. Very nice cheese, not so the sullen English attendant manning the store.

Bummer - I think they are one of the few (if not the only) affineur in the country

If you are looking for a place which stores and ages their cheese (to a certain degree depending on the cheese) you should take a look a Formaggio in Cambridge - they store their cheeses in a cave below their shop and have an outstanding cheese selection (the best I have seen in a long time)

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