Cuban Sandwich In New York City?

Now that Cafe con Leche is closed where does one go for a Cuban Sandwich? Thats what I want when I go to the Upper West Side.

A long time ago when I lived in Washington Heights there was a movie theater near the corner of 181st and Broadway where they showed mostly Charles Bronson movies in English with Spanish subtitles. In the back of the theater there was a door sized hole in the back wall with a counter in the Cuban sandwich shop next door.

The Spotted Pig (lunch only however)

Flor de Broadway is good as well, but its too out of the way for me. If your go-to was Cafe Con Leche (which is really on the UES, no?) the then Flor de Broadway might be more convenient for you.

I didn’t realize that C con L had moved to the UES, Thanks

The Spotted Pig is UWS??? I didn’t know that.

Not Cuban but perhaps a viable alternative Venezeluan style sammies