Culina @ Four Seasons

So if you’ve paid attention to me you’d have noticed that I care about value a lot. QPR is important and it’s not even that I’m broke. Life’s pretty good. But I get really pissed when I feel like I’m being misled or a restaurant is hosing me. If poor quality food is served at high prices i’m pissed off.

With that mindset we walked into Culina, fulling expecting to hate it having seen prices, and average looking food. But I had a groupon. (still available, but the current additional 20% off isn’t applicable for some reason)…

Basically we were right. Food is hit or miss, value isn’t there BUT… if you go with a groupon and you stick to the rules and dont over order on wine and add other dishes (which we did), you’ll find it a nice time.

the deal gives you two glasses of wine, we tried their Primitivo from Puglia and a Dolcetto. The Primitivo was fantastic. Had to get two more later at $16.

It gives you two appetizers… we both obsess over octopus so we both got that… i’d pass on this option… so soft that it is a weird mushy softness, i’m sure it’s cooked, refridgerated or even frozen, then broiled later… the broiling is clearly done on gas and a bit too much so the shit is bitter … beans undercooked…

i ordered some scallop starter which was a bad mistake lol… dont

stewed lamb shank… we both ordered that… it was quite good actually… real nice with the wine… good on the base of farro or whatever that uneventful side was… this dish delivered enough that we were happy… budino was dope as well

pizza was passable… for a frigging 4 year old

So if you go with the deal and get the lamb (best part was sucking out the marrow) and have a better appetizer than we did, and order the Primitivo and budino, you’re going to have a good time and not feel ripped… but once you order 4 more things on top which we did you won’t be too happy.

guess what i’m saying is why the hell would you go there… groupon or no groupon. you know the shit is an overpriced chain hotel restaurants where bored BH film industry types feel that it’s ok to intrude on your dinner to ask you what you do and then condescend you for living in Park La Brea

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I think it was sometime last year when they had an awesome promo where everything on the menu was 50% off, including alcohol! So we went, ate a lot and drank a lot. Food was pretty average but the setting is beautiful. Would not go back at full price or even with a Groupon, but if they bring back the 50% off promo again, I may visit again.

The groupon with 25% off that I got was pretty damn good. was like 70 for 2 wine, 2 app, 2 entre, and a dessert… and then came the add-ons lol

Rumor is that the only thing way to do Culina right is by sitting at the “secret”(?) crudo bar…

Do you also have to eat the crudo?

Judging by the scallop no