Culver city take out

or takeaway, for our british friends.

i am ignorant of this area. SWMBO has a meeting that way, and
has generously offered to bring home the figurative bacon.

so what’s a good place to take out (or take away) from in culver city, please?

many thanks.

Maple Block for BBQ should travel well


Second MB.

Zafran Pot
Taj Tandoori
Simpang Asia (not far - in Palms)

If you enjoy coffee, Conservatory for Coffee and Tea is worth a stop. Unpretentious, friendly, they roast their own beans, and the coffee is really good.


That reminds me I have to swing by and pick up some more beans -they hit the sweet spot for me, not too light or too dark. I like to do pour over from the back counter as well.

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maple block
and the roasted game hen from hatchet hall

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is hatchet hall the kind of place you can take out from? i’ve only read about it, and it struck
me as a conventional sit down kinda establishment.

Jonathan Gold liked it enough to take food home with him.

yeah but wasn’t that after dining in?

It’s not really a takeout place but it’s worth calling to ask.

went with maple block. good pickles. excellent meat, though perhaps im getting older and would prefer a leaner brisket.
the ribs were great.
thankfully, the meat required no sauce, which i found peculiar at best.

of course, thank u all for the help.


I always go lean brisket at Maple Block.

But the ribs here are amazing, pork spare, coppa pork back ribs, beef short rib and prime rib are the best items IMO.

If you go for dinner sometime, grab the beef short rib, best item I have had there.

And yeah, their sauce really sucks which I think is intentional.

why would you not want to consider take-out from restaurants that also offer seating?

what would it matter?
just curious.

I agree with @bulavinaka’s recommendations and add Tara’s Himalayan on Venice.

I like the food at Taj Tandoori a lot, but be warned it is spicy. My husband is a spice wimp. He asked for his food to me very mild. It was so hot he couldn’t eat it. Also, the vegetarian options are limited.

If you go to Simpang Asia make sure to check out the Indonesian/Dutch grocery store next door.

a fair question. i dont have anything against it; it just struck me from my reading hatchet hall wasnt the kind of place that “normally” offered take out.

bad example: i would feel weird ordering takeout from a place like, i dont know, spago or providence or chi spacca or mori.
yes i know theres mozza2go.

i guess i – rightly or wrongly – figure theres restaurants that regularly do take out and restaurants that dont.
i assumed hatchet hall was a place that doesnt do take out as part of their regular business. maybe im wrong.

long winded, and i apologize. no, i dont have a thing about takeout from places that have seating.
i guess i look at a restaurants website and see if takeout is a thing they do. i did not check hatchet halls website.

i understand now.
that said, most of the regular restaurants that i go to are happy to sell you dinners to-go.
certain sushi bars–no
certain white tablecloth restaurants–no
almost all the others that i frequent are happy to send your food home with you.
(even cafe del rey will pack up your food so you can take it home or to your boat.)

thanks for the info. despite my load of medication, there are just certain types of places my social anxiety - filled ass wouldnt ask for take away from.
that said, two things:
a) its not usually me, its swmbo who does the take out thing
b) i used to be virulently against getting a doggie bag after dining in, and thats gotten better. again, its usually principessa who takes care o’that.

got it!