Current Favorites in San Diego

I’m hoping to inspire some activity on this board. I miss the action on the old Chowhound.

What are your current favorites, especially relatively new ones, or new to you?

I’m currently enjoying Nood Bar on 30th near Adams Ave. Absolutely love their yakitori noodles, but I suggest pork over their chicken in the stir fry, as it was a little mushy.

Another favorite is Soi on 30th–their ongoing special of Pineapple Fried Rice, hasn’t disappointed over several visits.

Had a fantastic filet mignon version of veal oscar at Eddie V’s, but beware it is very rich. We shared it and that was fine with me.

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Close by Nood bar, I like the chocolate chip cookies at Blackmarket bakery and El Tianguis for their taquitos.

Most of my favorites are north and inland and I’ve mentioned on this site before.

Thanks for the reply. I keep missing out on the cookies at Blackmarket because they don’t have them in the morning. North and Inland includes Convoy and Mira Mesa , or do you mean like Poway?

Remembered another North Park goodie, Brother’s chile rellenos again on 30th. I guess you can tell I’m from that end of town, but I make regular pilgrimages to Convoy.

Haven’t been getting out much last few months, home improvement and a trip to Belgium making funds tight.

El Tianguis has been on my regular rotation since I am in North Park for work. Love love the taquitos!

Cross Street Chicken - korean fried chicken is deserving of its current fad

False Idol - i am a longtime fan of historical Tiki drinks, and the bar staff here is one of the best in the city. The often-pretentious attitude of many CH Project bar programs is not present here.

Alex Taco’s (san marcos) - i work a few days in North County and finally tried this place a few months ago. Tiny hole in the wall taco shop with a simple menu. I have yet to have a mediocre taco there!

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OK, two votes for El Tianguis, I have to try it again. As for Cross Street Chicken, I think that is in need of a revisit, too!. Have you tried Shrimp Heads or Medina? They are on my list.

I love the Tiki drink vibe. We take an occasional visit to Bali Hai–gotta have the Mai Tai. Unfortunately the food has been all over the place in the 30+ years I’ve been going. My drinking partner has gone dry, so False Idol is waiting for someone to share it with.

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I was once told on this site that Mira Mesa didn’t qualify as north inland but yes most of the places I frequent are in MM, RB, Poway and Escondido. I go to Convoy a lot too.

On Convoy we like somisomi and MNGO for dessert. We also end up at tasty noodle house and Shan xi magic kitchen a lot (less so now that DTF opened). Dumplings and more (formerly great wow) closer to you also is or was good but we haven’t been since DTF opened. Excited to try Ma’s Islamic (or whatever it’s going to be named here) when it opens (see Eater SD for details). Also the new food court at Hmart looks interesting though I haven’t eaten there yet.

@MrKrispy nearby to SM in Escondido try Mi Rancho market or TJ tacos for meat tacos or Mariscos German (also truck near Frys in SM) for seafood. Phatties is also great for pambasos, gorditas, huaraches, etc).

I’ve been to TJ’s, quite excellent! Not been to the other places, thanks for the recs!

Absolutely love the spicy wontons at Dumplings and More in Hillcrest, I just wish they had more vegetable options to round out the meal.