Dan Sung Sa - Oakland

Not much to choose from on a Monday night after 11pm (don’t trust Yelp, Oasis Lounge was closed, Plum Bar closed at 11, and Luka’s kitchen had closed)), so we ended up at Dan Sung Sa, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Somebody on Chowhound a few years back reported ordering plain wings with soy and garlic sauce on the side, and my companion didn’t want spicy food, so that seemed like something to try. Wings stayed nice and crisp. I’m not sure what all was in that dipping sauce (among other things, lemon slices and whole chiles), but soy was a minor element.

Pan-fried udon with seafood was quite good. Nice extra-thick chewy noodles.

I’d been trying for years to get this whole chicken I’d see go by and finally got it by ordering by the Korean name, tong dak. Simply fried, nice with the salt mix. Breast was kind of dry.

I also got a “double feature” soju + kimchi pancake, if you’re going to get soju anyway it’s like getting the pancake for $3. Not bad.

Everything came out scalding hot.