Daniela Soto-Innes (Cosme) - World’s Best Female Chef 2019



Have not been to Cosme. Is the food really that good?


We went once a while back, it was great! That corn husk meringue is amazing.

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I ate there about three years ago, I think. The menu (unsurprisingly) has changed appreciably, but I remember some amazing broccoli rabe, a very good cobia ceviche and a very good uni tostada.

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Decided to swing by for a late dinner after work. Afraid ressies might become elusive after this award. Food was very good. The wow dishes for me were the alfajores like cookie served along with my cortado. For a moment I was transported back to Cafe Havana in Buenos Aires. And the corn husk meringue. @jntcho we speak the same language when it comes to sweets.

The negative, this was a VERY expensive meal. OTD, only $20 cheaper than my lunch at The Modern last week. Not a compelling PQ(uantity)R and I’m a light eater. Pro-tip: if you’re still hungry and don’t want to rack up a larger tab, head to the OG Shake Shack a couple blocks away for a 2nd meal.

Think I’ll stick to Los Tacos #1 or just hit my usual Mexican haunts on my trips back to LA. :smile:

Sorry for the shitty pics


We had dinner at Cosme once, in March 2015, one year after it opened. Having not looked at the menu in a long time, I just checked it and found that several of the things we had are still on the menu: cobia al pastor, duck carnitas, and (of course) the signature husk meringue with corn mousse dessert. The cobia was o.k., the duck was outstanding, and the husk meringue deserved all the raves. The house made soft tortillas that came with the cobia and the duck were fantastic.

We got lucky with regard to the noise level because the night we went, it was moderate. However, when our daughter and son-in-law went with some friends, they told us the level was hideously high. That has deterred us from ever going back for dinner. But restaurants with high noise levels at night are often quieter during lunch. Hoping that would be the case with Cosme, a couple of years ago, we made a lunch reservation. However, when we arrived, we discovered that it was extremely noisy, so we left.

Edited to add: Right after I posted this, I saw that you went there this evening.

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@RGR Yeah the meringue was excellent! And I do concur, it’s not an ideal option if you’re seeking a quieter setting.

I’m arriving at the conclusion that tasting menus at the fancy white table cloth restaurants offer a compelling PQR when it comes to dining out in NY


:wink: glad you liked the meringue! last time i went i def said i would go back just for that lol.

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Dos Equis for $13?!?!?!?


The most astronomical dish was the Mole Negro @ $32. 4 - 5 small tortillas, a plate of salad and mole sauce. Looking back, prices are quite outrageous.


It was definitely cheaper when it first opened. Once it got good reviews, prices rose (see also: Le Coucou, et al.).


But was it better than mole negro here in L.A. at a legitimate Oaxacan establishment?

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@small_h yeah I hear they’ve been jacking up prices over the years.

@attran99 not $32 good…


That $26 bok choy also seems somewhat offensive since I just got a pound of that at 99 Ranch for 50 cents.

Photo courtesy of Yelp


Umm…no kidding.
I might be seeing some bok choy leaves…where’s the rest? Puréed bok choy? I don’t know how I feel about that.

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That’s just green mole it seems.

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I’ve been to Cosme three or four times and find it good to very good, while also being wildly overpriced.

To be honest, I prefer Taco Maria and probably Broken Spanish, though, as others have said, the corn husk meringue is sensational.

To those thinking of going, it’s most pleasant at brunch, when they serve their brunch only barbacoa.


@attran99 objectively speaking (freshly off mole from another place and the $$$ shock at Cosme has mostly worn off), Cosme’s mole is very good…

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