Daniel's Meat wholesaler

Did a search and didn’t see anything. Since this is exclusively LA area, putting it on this board.


This wholesaler is doing a limited warehouse sale to the public. They are in Pico Riviera. I just came back from there. My experience and suggestions:

  • Cash only, bring some small bills if you can, to avoid handling change. They calculated my total, I rounded up to the nearest $5 and told them to keep the change.

  • Print out the PDF list on the site, mark down what you need and put your name down. I saw some people walk up just for pickup. I handed them my list and kept a safe distance while they assembled my order. My name was called when it was ready.

  • Loose items are placed in a box. Single pack items are sealed in their shipping boxes with weight printed outside which they use to calculate the total. Example: the frozen boneless pork shoulder had it’s own sealed box. The whole chickens were placed loose in a box.

  • I only bought frozen items and everything was frozen solid. Bring a big cooler to hold the loose items. The boxed items will be fine in the trunk. It was a 40 min drive home and everything was still rock hard when I placed in freezer

  • Plenty of street parking. The dock is right by the street with a big sign, you can’t miss it.

  • Everyone had gloves on, but no masks. But it’s easy to keep a distance, I waited until they placed my entire order on the dock and walked away before I approached. Nonetheless, I had a mask and gloves on since I wasn’t sure how the ordering and payment would be handled.

  • I thought the prices were good and if I had more freezer capacity I would have bought more. As it is, I maxed out my freezer.

  • I got there at 10:30, while there, it maxed out at 3 people waiting including me. My order was assembled in under 15 minutes. The woman who called in, paid and grabbed in under 5. they had her order waiting inside the freezer. Very painless, no lines or worries about crowds.


Finally bought from this company this week and last week so here’s a little more input:

  • They take card now but there’s a slight charge (I think 3%?) so I bought with cash and they can give change if you need
  • They’ve reduced public sales hours to Thursdays from 9AM-2PM
  • I asked if you could buy products outside of the order form they post weekly and was told you can (probably as long as you meet certain minimums) but it’s a different sales rep than for the retail
  • We tried the Cook’s Venture chicken breasts and some other products. The breasts come bone-in, skin-on or (oddly) boneless, skin-on and cooked up decently enough

Everything else was exactly as @Jase mentioned

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If you’re anywhere near the westside or can get to Gardena easily, I’d recommend this new place I just posted about. I thought the prices, quality and smaller quantities was much better.


They’re definitely on my list now! I don’t love that they don’t mention the specific brands since I’m suspicious of labels like “natural” or humanely raised or what have you. Still, that’s easily verified by a phone call and Rocker Brothers doesn’t mention their sources online, either.

We’ve worked our way through a few of these wholesalers-selling-retail during quarantine hoping that we can develop enough of a relationship to order from them if they withdraw sales to the public.

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