Del Frisco's - First Impressions

Had dinner at the new Del Frisco’s in the CC Mall. Its a very impressive two story undertaking in the BH Mastroes vein although a bit lighter. They are in their soft opening, having just opened to the public last Saturday. First a ton of staff and most of them surprisingly young and a bit flustered. The place was quite full by 7:30. The prices are very high, certainly on par with Cut. Tequilla was anywhere from $24-$245 a glass. Service was trying hard, but has a ways to go. First, the bad. Our server suggested the thick cut bacon as an app. It was disgusting. Almost as big as the steak it was a one inch by 10 inch chunk of under cooked pork. We could not eat eat. To their credit, the restaurant comped us on that. Also, bad was the Cesar Salad. They did not have anchovies only the paste in a tasteless dressing. Not good. Things did get better. The asparagus and mushrooms were both very tasty. We split a large bone in rib eye which was very good. Certainly, on par with Mastroes. After dinner (we sat upstairs) I walked downstairs where its more casual and they have a nice bar and a bar menu. The bar menu was much more reasonably priced and looked pretty good. All in all, I would say its worth a try and I will probably come back in a month or two when they have worked through the kinks. Its very expensive. Makes Dan Tana’s look like Sizzler price wise so be prepared.


If you go to the Bar, please report back. I have a friend from Dallas who is agitating that we go there – apparently Del Frisco’s is a big deal in Dallas.

The Bar menu sounds very Cheesecake Factory (substitute any other big chain restaurant). Cheesesteak Eggrolls, anyone?

They also don’t put their wine list online but I’m guessing a lot of over-oaked, overpriced California wines with the obligatory dull Pinot Grigio thrown in. Can you tell I’m not too excited about being dragged to Del Frisco’s? If I go, I’ll report back.

Might as well go to Yazawa instead.

I went to another location a while ago, not the bar but… my steak had inedible gristle, appetizer was mediocre, and dessert could be assembled by provisions from Rite Aid. The only redeeming quality was the waitress sent a handwritten thank you card which was a nice touch considering the pricey torture endured. I had higher expectations.

Proceed with caution.

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