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Not La Casita, that’s for sure.

I had a really great cemita de cecina at Elvirita’s a few weeks ago. I’d hesitate to say the cecina itself is better than at Cuernavaca, but I loved it in the cemita, and you can grab a pretty damn good taco arabe on the side, too.

The cecina torta at ek valley is delicious and messy. They make a lot of oaxacan food there but for some reason they make tortas oaxaquenas instead of cemitas. Maybe they can’t source sesame seed rolls on the west side of town.

Cemitas are more of a puebla thing AFAIK


Ahh that makes sense, I thought cemitas were prevelant in Oaxaca, my mistake!

Yeah, we are blessed by the offerings of this city to where we are given the opportunity to be confused between cemitas and tortas - problems problems problems… Throw in pambazos, and a seminar might be in order! :wink:


Speaking of pambazos where can you find a good one? I haven’t really been able to find ones that compare to the ones I’ve had in DF.

Pambazos aren’t common around where I live. Tacomiendo offers it, but I’ve never ordered it nor have I seen anyone else do so.

Mad Pambazos food truck has well executed pambazos but they are not traditional - more fusiony. They don’t even offer chorizo con papas.

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Yeah also mad pambazos has that 12 dollar price tag lol

Yeah, it’s a “gourmet” mark-up. I mean the quality seems high enough, but this is not the truck to look for a garden variety pambazos.

When I think pambazos in LA, places around Boyle Heights area seem more attuned to this. Pambazos are a couple layers deeper in preparation as well as tradition, so eateries with strong reps for solid antojitos, especially central Mexico/DF roots are the places to go.

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I brought up the pambazos because while having supper at Taqueria Los Anayas, our friend was “waxing poetic” about how much she misses them as well. The unfairness of her mentioning that the only version that reminds her of Mexico is her mom’s version left me thinking that as much as we have in this town, we still have a lot that most of us don’t even know we’re missing.

Not quite sure it’ll compare to a CDMX version, but Metro Balderas in Highland Park makes a nice pambazo for about $4. Jugos Azteca, the juice spot next to Huarache Azteca also in Highland Park, makes really awesome smoothies and raspados and generally ok food, and they do have pambazos on the menu…

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Ill have to check metro balderas out, thanks for the recommendation

the cecina at Tacos Quetzalcoatl is delicious


Ah thank you for reminding me I need to go back there. I had like 6 tacos last time, but I didn’t recall seeing Cecina. They deserve a return visit anyway though.

I’ve had a couple good ones. The one at loncheria bravo was delicious and made with octopus which I had never even heard of it was definitely new school but it really did taste delicious

Also had a good one in the street stall market near Bella’s Artes a guy was selling them just off the griddle on a little stand and also another delicious one in the mercado near frida kahlos blue house. Both were the standard Papas con chorizo

I’ll have to get my chilaquiles fix in when I visit next time those pics look awesome