Delicious Decadence - Beast Mode at Animal



Interesting. Has the brunch menu changed a lot? Or am I missing something? Most of these are dinner items, other than the benedict and the waffle. There were way more brunch-only items a month or so ago when I went.

I ate that entire benedict, and waffle, and chilaquiles there plus a cinnamon roll. (Do they not offer those anymore?? Best cinnamon roll I’ve ever had =/).

I’m not sure how you enjoy the biscuit + foie + gravy if you don’t like fat-on-fat-on-fat btw? Are you saying that dish doesn’t taste fatty at all?

Hi @Aesthete,

I’m not sure what you mean? Nowhere did I say I was doing an exhaustive review of every single item on the menu? Of course there are more dishes on the Brunch Menu, LOL. :slight_smile:

I only talked about items that were ordered.

Re: Fat - I think there different ways to execute dishes so that something can have a lot of fat, but not taste gross or greasy, or overwhelming. You can see it in various dishes around town. Their Foie Biscuit is certainly not diet food, but I didn’t feel as overwhelmed by it like I did the LS Banh Mi. But then again, we split this Biscuit 3 ways, so who knows.

Yeah, but you made it sound like you were going there to try their brunch menu, and then you only ordered 2 brunch dishes…set a very confusing tone to me is all.

That biscuit split 3 ways is like 1 bite of food per person right? I imagine that has a huge impact on your view of it.

Personally I wish more people included how many people ate the meals in their reviews… I think it’s more a factor than people let on in terms of dining experience.

I imagine no one is surprised that Animal was enjoyable to eat at, which is why it provides a good space to analyze some deeper nitty gritty issues with reviewing in general

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OK, are you trolling or something?

All of the items we ordered were on their Brunch Menu, but yes it seems like there’s plenty of overlap with what is on their Dinner Menu. It’s not like we decided to order extra stuff off of another menu, or went for Dinner and talked about Brunch?


Luxe Hawaiian breakfast!!! :+1:t2: loco moco looks insane :heart_eyes:


I guess there is some ambiguity.

Yeah the menu overlaps but you can’t order the brunch dishes at dinner.

To me the point of going for brunch would be to eat the things served exclusively at brunch.

Otherwise why my just go for dinner?

Just confusing to me to say going for a brunch meal and then ordering mostly dinner items as it doesn’t seem very brunchy to me.

You can obviously do anything you want. I just thought maybe they stopped offering a lot of the ranch only items since they were not ordered because in my mind I wouldn’t bother going to brunch to eat dinner. Obviously other people disagree shrugs

Great report as always @Chowseeker1999!

It’s odd. Those pig ears seem particularly difficult for them to get right. When they first opened they were too soggy and leathery instead of crunchy.

Just looking at those pictures is making me full! The fat on fat on fat cuisine is what makes me not a fan of Animal…me and like 2 other people in all of La.

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Hi @Porthos,

Thanks. Yah the Pig Ears this time were quite crunchy and crispy, but then the Chili Lime Sauce just overpowered it.

I agree with you on the over-the-top nature. Hence why I used to go only once every half year? :slight_smile: But when we went, it was always with multiple people to just take bites of their heavier dishes, and try a bunch of different plates.

I would say their Winter Citrus Yuzu Kosho Salad is pretty incredible, and very light. Maybe that’s what drew me to that item, and their Tamago Bowl was good. :slight_smile:

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Wow and thanks…

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An arugula salad with date purée? That might put Ex-Lax out of business.

Wonderful report as always @Chowseeker1999.


Even as a brunch skeptic, Animal’s brunch is now high on my list. That tomago bowl looks awesome. The rueben benedict looks terrifying. It looks great, but like, one or two bites at most.

Thank God I live in Laguna and can live vicariously through your @Chowseeker1999 and @theoffalo’s pictures and descriptions.

Bravo yet again!

Hi @Haeldaur,

Yah, the Tamago Bowl was nice. :slight_smile: And yah the Pastrami Reuben was enjoyed by 3 of us, which I think is a nice bite at that point.

just read his posts in this fellow’s voice (try and ignore the pleading woman) and it all makes sense:


Ohhh… What the heck is going on over here?

@Chowseeker1999 - Great! I’ve put in writing that Animal is my favorite restaurant. It would be disappointing if their brunch didn’t live up to expectations.

Japanese rice, eggs and bacon has been a weekend family breakfast since I was young. Looking forward to trying it with bone marrow!

Animal’s salads are usually an afterthought. Like “Guess we should get something green to cut the decadence.” But their salads are usually delicious. Avocado and citrus is a great combo and the Yuzu Kosho sounds fab.

Pastrami Reuben Benedict! That picture… OMG. Again with the food porn. It looks sooo good.

I agree about the Pigs Ear thing. The first time I was brave enough to eat a pigs ear was there. Wish I could remember the dish. It was perfect. But not so much the next time. Never again… I’m good.

Do you swear the Loco Moco beats the Foie Biscuits and Gravy? Really?

I like they have Animal classics on the brunch menu. It might not be inventive. But, it’s smart. People love those dishes.

The waffles, French press tea, everything seems right on point.

Yes, with the fat on fat on fat. This food is supposed to be shared and not eaten everyday. The point of Animal is “Delicious Decadence Beast Mode.” Their audacity is - I think - what made people fall in love with them.

Thanks again for the great reporting!


It’s true. Even with the richness of their food. I never get the gross, greasy feeling. Yes, it’s to share. But, the portions aren’t super big either. Some of you maybe be laughing at that statement. But, remember we’re in America, home of the super-size.

Completely agree, the last time i had this dish the sauce was so hot and overpowering i couldn’t even finish half of the bowl.

Hi @TheCookie,

Thanks for your thoughts. :slight_smile:

Hm… yes, at this point, I think I like their Foie Gras Loco Moco more than their Foie Gras Maple Biscuit, but it’s close. :wink:

Definitely looking forward to your future visits and seeing if you like the new items. :slight_smile:

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