Delicious, Excellent Fish & Chips Arrives in West L.A.! BatterFish Truck Debuts!



Update 1:

We were able to stop by again this week to try a few more items from the BatterFish truck.

Fish & Chips: Catfish Chili Batter:

Normally I’m not a fan of Catfish since most restaurants don’t know how to prepare it (it tastes like mud). But Chef Killalee’s version turns out to be really good! :slight_smile: There’s almost no perceptible muddy taste, and the Catfish is perfectly cooked, moist and tender. The Chili Catfish is much silkier and softer than traditional Cod, and the Chili only adds a touch of heat.

The golden batter leads to a perfectly crunchy exterior batter. :slight_smile:

The Chips (Fries) were also great today.

Lobster Roll:

Using both Lobster Tail and Claw meat, we were pleasantly surprised to try a Maine-style Lobster Roll, dressed with Chef Killalee’s homemade Mayo. The surprising part was that the Lobster meat tasted so fresh and bright (not overly briny), made fresh for the day. The Homemade Mayo wasn’t too overly heavy or greasy either.

I usually like the Connecticut-style Lobster Roll more, but this was quite good! :slight_smile:

Fish & Chips: Traditional Cod:

Had to order the Traditional Cod Fish & Chips one more time, to see how consistent it was. Shatteringly crisp, crunchy batter, excellent, flaky, moist Cod within.

These are just fantastic Fish & Chips! :slight_smile:

The Chips with this order were fried fresh to order. Piping hot, slightly crisp on the outside, soft potato on the inside.

It seems they were at the Ocean Park Blvd. location this whole week. I’m just glad they’re on the Westside in a more convenient location (with plenty of parking). :slight_smile:

He said he’s still finalizing a regular rotation, but if in doubt, give them a call or check their Twitter feed.

Batterfish (Food Truck)
Location varies by day (check Twitter or Call).
At least a couple days a week (Lunch) at:

3150 Ocean Park Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90405
Tel: (424) 235-6096